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Stand Still O Moon: Discovering the Key to Receiving Supernatural Authority, Rewards, and Latter Day Endurance

Stand Still O Moon: Discovering the Key to Receiving Supernatural Authority, Rewards, and Latter Day Endurance

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Stand Still O Moon: Discovering the Key to Receiving Supernatural Authority, Rewards, and Latter Day Endurance

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Oct 25, 2013


Have you wondered why Joshua had authority to command the sun and moon to stand still? Have you wondered why biblical heroes prospered in God’s anointing, both spiritually and financially? Stand Still O Moon reveals motivated and practical strategies to help you advance forward to your victorious destiny. Learn the unlimited value of obedience through this inspiring, powerful message. You too can be favored, anointed, and prosperous beyond your expectations.
Oct 25, 2013

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Stand Still O Moon - Ambassador International

Table of Contents

Title Page





Chapter 1: Marching to Obedience

Chapter 2: Results of Disobedience

Chapter 3: Jeopardizing Obedience

Chapter 4: Receiving Authority Through Obedience

Chapter 5: Marking a Path to Obedience

Chapter 6: Obedience Generates Rewards

Chapter 7: Latter Day Obedience

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Stand Still O Moon

© 2012 by Beth Troyer

All rights reserved

Printed in the United States of America

ISBN: 9781935507970

eISBN: 9781935507987

Scripture taken from the HOLY BIBLE, NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION®. Copyright © 1973, 1978, 1984 Biblica. Used by permission of Zondervan. All rights reserved.

The NIV and New International Version trademarks are registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office by Biblica. Use of either trademark requires the permission of Biblica.

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To God, who blessed me with the gift of writing and gives me strength to be a conqueror. Thank you for giving me a vision.

To my husband, Matt. Thank you for believing in me. You have been a strong warrior and inspiration.

To my sons, Vincent and Dawson, for your showers of hugs and kisses. You bring me joy.

To my dad, Lee, who taught me to walk in obedience. Thank you for your words of wisdom and advice.

To my mother, Mary Ann, who has gone on before. Thank you for teaching me values. You gave me the best love a mother could ever give.

Every effort has been made to trace the copyright owners of material quoted in this book. Should we have unintentionally infringed upon any, we will ensure that is corrected in any subsequent printings.



I want to invite you to join me on a journey of obedience. I trust you will be enriched as you discover along with me the great rewards and powerful authority that come through keeping God’s precepts. By following one vital principle, you will be highly esteemed and favored by God. Let’s walk this journey together and enjoy the rewards that God generously gives to us if we choose the path of obedience.

I had the manuscript written for Stand Still O Moon, and it lay around for a year. I had given up the idea of publishing it at one time. One morning I was reading in Isaiah, and this is what I found. The Sovereign Lord has given me an instructed tongue, to know the word that sustains the weary (Isaiah 50:4). It was then that God confirmed to me that it was indeed His will that Stand Still O Moon be published. If the words in this book sustain your weary heart, then God be glorified.

Stay strong, stay true, and be blessed.

Beth Troyer

THERE IS A ROAR IN the earth–a roar from God’s kingdom calling all to obedience. The roar is loud and settling into people’s hearts. A new hunger is invading the earth–a hunger for truth and God’s glory. Amos 3:8 says, The lion has roared, who will not fear? The sovereign Lord has spoken, who can but prophesy?

If you are satisfied with your life, it is likely you will not be reading this book. If you are like me, you constantly find yourself climbing and moving up to different levels of knowledge, relationship, and conformity with our awesome Lord. If obedience brings me blessings and authority, then I would be crazy to walk away from it. The Bible is full of heroes who obeyed, prospered, and were found favorable in the sight of God. If I’m any kind of hero, I certainly want to be a hero for my Maker, the One who loves me unconditionally. To become a hero for God, we must rise up and march boldly against the odds. We must stand for integrity, truth, and perseverance just like our biblical forefathers. The definition of obey is to carry out orders, to be guided by.

We are obedient when we resolve to pierce the darkness around us. In celebration of the New Year 2011, my husband, two sons, and I were in Florida. Having made no previous plans for New Year’s Eve, we decided to visit downtown Sarasota. The streets were blocked off. As we entered the festival, I became aware of an oppressive atmosphere. While most people seemed to be celebrating to the drums and screaming guitars, I sensed an emptiness, a darkness, and a silence. To my left I saw several intoxicated individuals grooving to the music. As they lifted their hands to hail the New Year, I saw no apparent joy–just blank, vague looks of defeat and oppression. How unfortunate to be welcoming the New Year in a state of gloom, I mused. As I looked around me, I observed a young man with a backpack, sitting against a pole. His head rested on the pole, and he appeared to be high on drugs. A friend of his who had a vacant look about her walked up to him and tugged at his arm. The two were joined by another friend, and they talked aimlessly as though confused, pointing here and there. As we approached the stage where explosive music was being played, the scent of booze filled the air. I observed an older man shuffling through the crowd. His hair was matted, and his head was down as though he was carrying a massive burden. It was obvious that alcohol had done a number on him in his lifetime. As he stumbled by, the smirking crowd parted to let him pass. My heart was full and overflowing with blessings and peace, yet around me was unrest. I was loved, favored, and standing in rays of light, yet around me people were standing in darkness. Our resolution as kingdom builders should always be to spread blessings, favor, and light to those who are in the tunnel. You may be the very person someone needs to guide him or her to the end of the dark tunnel. Every day is a brand new day with a chance to make it a glorious day for someone else. Be obedient by permeating the atmosphere with God’s light. We are instructed to let our light shine before men.

Noah was a hero for God who marched to the beat of precise obedience. He found favor in the eyes of the Lord because he was righteous and blameless and walked with God. Genesis 6:22 tells us that Noah did everything just as God commanded him. Noah followed specific instructions in building an ark made of cypress wood. When the boat was finished, he put in two of every kind of animal, just as God had instructed.

Because of obedience, Noah and his family were spared a soggy death in the deep flood that covered all the earth. Even in adversity from evil scoffers, Noah persisted in keeping all the precepts that God had commanded of him.

How many times have we been spared harm and evil because we chose to take the high road of obedience with Christ? We will face adversity and scoffers just like Noah did. In a world where darkness and evil are covering the land like a cloud of thick smoke, we must keep marching boldly in obedience to the truth. To stay on the high road, we must band together with fellow Christians of like faith. We will be a target from every side, but greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. By associating with others who are on fire for God, we receive encouragement to press on.

Exposing God’s power through testimony is a powerful tool. Your testimony may be just what some person needs for a faith booster. I love to hear other people’s testimonies and learn how God worked miracles in their lives. It enhances my faith and keeps me excited about the kingdom of God. As God’s ambassadors, we should take every opportunity to make God look good and expose His power through testimony. Psalm 119:171 says, May my lips overflow with praise, for you teach me your decrees. If God prompts

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