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21 Templates that Run Your World: Keys to Unlocking Your Success in Business, Love and Money

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Are you the square peg crammed into a round hole? Are you struggling with people at your job? At home? Do you need to make a team work?
Maybe you need to know your personality Template....
Do you know someone who “just knows,” but refuses to give up his or her knowledge? Or perhaps you’re married to someone who’s compulsively impulsive Maybe your boss really is an empire-builder. Getting to know their personality template gets you the key to their mind and what makes them tick. If you’re having trouble getting along with anyone, learning your personality template will improve your relationships with yourself, friends and family. In the corporate world, the technique will allow you to work with others more effectively and increase productivity.

Sue Wilhite, author of “21 Templates That Run Your World: Keys to Unlocking Your Success in Business, Love and Money,” teaches you how to know your personality template in detail. Sue brings new ways of getting to know yourself as well as others in your life, with a lively sense of humor.
Celebrity analyses include Oprah, Senator Hilary Rodham Clinton, and Elvis. (One’s a Hermit, one’s a Fool, and one’s an Empress – guess which one is which?)

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