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Whiskey Runner


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Whiskey Runner

Länge: 268 Seiten3 Stunden


Maggie Hayes does love a good chase, careening a wagonload of bootleg whiskey across the Canadian prairie with the US Calvary in hot pursuit. She’s been hauling rot-gut for her Pa ever since she’s been old enough to handle a team, and she can handle a two-horse hitch better than any of her Pa’s men. Raised motherless by her whiskey trader father, Maggie has made peace with her way of life and embraces her abilities to outwit the authorities and competitors.

Freshly graduated from medical school and eager to bury his sorrow over a tragic past, Colin Fraser impulsively joins the Northwest Mounted Police. A nighttime raid by his detachment on the Hayes bootleg whiskey operation nets more than just whiskey. When the patrol brings back desperately ill Maggie , Colin nurses her back to health but quickly finds out he’s bitten off more than he can chew as he slowly falls in love with the trousered hellion now in his care.

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