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How to Love Yourself: A Guide to Loving and Living Well

How to Love Yourself: A Guide to Loving and Living Well

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How to Love Yourself: A Guide to Loving and Living Well

4/5 (12 Bewertungen)
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Oct 6, 2011


The secret to happiness is knowing yourself, and loving yourself for who you are. "How to Love Yourself..." gives you ways to approach loving yourself, and shares lessons you can use every day to make life better. Its message helps you along your own personal journey into greater love and joy.

Oct 6, 2011

Über den Autor

PJ Ferguson is an Awesomeness Coach, organist, entrepreneur, and furdad creating a life of pure awesomeness -- one day at a time. He has dedicated himself to helping individuals and entrepreneurs tap their inner awesomeness and make the very most of their lives and their businesses. Life is a journey -- embrace the adventure!

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How to Love Yourself - PJ Ferguson

How to Love Yourself:

A Guide to Loving and Living Well

Peter J. Ferguson

Copyright 2011, Peter J. Ferguson

Smashwords Edition

All Rights Reserved





What Are the First Steps?

Self-Love Toolbox

Don’t Wait

Understand Love

Admit That You Are Worth Loving

Realize Your Unique Place in Creation

Live With Compassion

Give Yourself the Benefit Of the Doubt

Suspend Judgment

Be Kind to Yourself

Accept Kindness from Others


Make Healthy Choices

Do What Makes You Truly Happy

Reach Out

Surround Yourself with Loving Friends

Put Your Own Needs First

Tame the Inner Task Master

Point Out the Positive

Curb Envy

Love Others

Beauty and the Beast

Use Positive Self-Talk

It is Not Yourself You Hate

Spend Time in Nature

Consistently Read Self-Improvement Materials

You Have the Power to Heal

Lighten Your Load

Decide to Love Yourself

A Step at a Time



Why did I write this book?

I owned a web design and online support business for many years. Because of that I pay attention to what people are searching for on the internet. Naturally, I was curious what people were searching for to find my Life Coaching site: TheSupreme.Me.

Someone had searched for deep deep down I love myself, and found my site. This made me so happy!! It also made me curious. How many people were searching for I love myself? So I did a little more digging. The results were very surprising, and a little alarming! I'd like to share them with you.

I researched two phrases in particular:

• I love myself, and

• I hate myself

A third phrase came up that caught my attention:

• I hate myself and I want to die

Would you like to know how many searches there were for each, in just one month?

700 people searched for I love myself

6,600 people searched for I hate myself

1,000 people searched for I hate myself and I want to die

That’s just in one month, on one search engine! Looking back through previous months, the results were similar. I thought to myself, So many people are seeking to love themselves that thousands upon thousands are searching the internet for help on the subject. Some are missing out on self-love so badly that they want to die. This is a real problem!

I immediately wondered what I could possibly do to help this situation! I believe there is an abundance of love in our world. Humans are capable of vast amounts of love. That’s right, YOU are capable of vast amounts of love. You are capable of loving yourself in abundance! Perhaps you just don't know how.

I have lived much of my life not loving myself, or not knowing how. Many (most?)

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  • (5/5)
    Excellent Book. Definitely going to read it again soon Insha Allah.
  • (5/5)
    I need to read these words and discover what was right for me. This book is very uplifting and taught me that I should love me for me.
  • (1/5)
    I always like to read books about happiness, but this book was a bore. I always try to finish a book but this one was a challenge. Don't waste your time