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The Rest Of The Story, Jazz Improvization and History


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The Rest Of The Story, Jazz Improvization and History

Länge: 70 Seiten21 Minuten


"With this book, Alaadeen has opened the door to the complex mind of the jazz musician. The information inside this book is extremely personal and informative at the same time. It is very specific but still leaves room for the user to discover for themselves, their own paths to self expression using the information provided. I am very happy Alaadeen has chosen to share his personal discoveries in the 'old school' way with us so that we may continue to grow as musicians, and learn more about the history of this music called jazz in the traditional way. --Bobby Watson, Professor of Jazz Studies, University of Missouri - Kansas City

"A bird's eye view by someone who was a witness to how this music was put together by the Masters. A must read and study for the young artist." --Najee, 2 Grammy nominated saxophone and flautist

"When I opened this unique book I was struck immediately by this very cogent passage in the Authors Introduction: I feel that a musician should have a basic knowledge of what came before him and use this knowledge as a platform to build on... This book is indeed one such knowledge platform. Ahmad Alaadeen is a wise elder in this music we call jazz and young musicians would do well to devour the practical wisdom he lays down in The Rest of the Story. Delivered in an unpretentious manner with requisite humility, the advice and lessons Alaadeen delivers in this book will be priceless in the development process of any musician who has the good fortune to encounter it." --Willard Jenkins, Journalist/Broadcaster/Producer

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