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Fearless in Alaska

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Get out the bear spray. Double up on the vodka. Hide the Glock. It's Valentine's Day in Alaska!

Rule 1: You live in Alaska, you don't back down when the going gets tough. Enter Abigail Vertuccio: Alaskan, independent, ready to take on anything. An outraged grizzly? No problem. Clinging to the side of a mountain at 40 below zero. Done. Being reluctantly clairvoyant - not so easy. Still, she's definitely not about to freak out over a vision about getting married on February l4th, at 2:46 to be exact.

Her escape? Abbey's old friend, a British MI6 operative, calls in a favor. "Keep my batty brother, Ben, out of trouble on his trip to Alaska." Only who's going to keep Abbey out of trouble? Because when Ben and Abbey get together, it's like Lara Croft meets Batman (or more like Maxwell Smart meets Agent 99). And before you can say "Holy Moose Nuggets, Robin," they have a hit and run driver, a burglar and kidnapper to deal with - all while keeping Abbey's on-again, off-again boyfriend at arm's length so she can avoid a Valentine's Day nightmare of the wedding variety.

Too late, Valentine's Day is fast approaching and one thing is clear. Abbey needs to do whatever it takes to make it to February l5th. No wedding ring. No casket.

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