The People Magic Guide to Success at A Job Interview


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The People Magic Guide to Success at A Job Interview

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- How would you handle an interview where the interviewer had no idea what they were doing... and turn it to your advantage?
- How can a scoping visit improve your chances?
- How do you avoid self-destructing in interviews?
The People Magic Guide to Success at a Job Interview is an eBook that takes you through the processes of preparing for, navigating and following up a job interview.
This easy-to-read eBook is crammed with practical tips and inside information from an experienced recruiter who has also been on the other side of the table during a long and varied career, and an employment consultant who has helped many "unlikely" candidates over the line.
The authors believe that when you walk into the room, most of the time the interviewer already thinks they know where you sit in the pecking order for the job – and if it's not number one, then this is your only chance to succeed.
In the eBook, you'll see how much attitude and effort go toward rewarding your efforts.
Robert Godden's other books have attracted great critical acclaim and in combination with Anne Drury-Godden, this offering is direct and practical.
You can download this eBook immediately... and hope that the rest of the pack doesn't.
If you plan to succeed at your next job interview, then you need the People Magic Guide to Success at A Job Interview today

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