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Allergy. You Asked, We Answered


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Allergy. You Asked, We Answered

Länge: 63 Seiten32 Minuten


Dr. Atul N. Shah is a board certified allergist, known among his peers and patients as the AmazingAllergist. He has personally influenced more than 100,000 people as an allergist and believes that every allergy sufferer has a potential to live allergy free, if treated properly.

In alignment of this philosophy, he has founded the AmazingAllergist Group. One of the main objective of this group is to create and publish educational materials that will empower children and adults with allergies live better lives. This book, Allergy, You Asked, We Answered, is a collections of questions and answers collected by Dr. Shah over the years of his practice in the field of allergy, asthma and immunology. Many of these answers were published in a weekly column "Ask Your Allergist" as a response to readers' questions.

It is our sincere desire to help people learn more about allergy basics through this book. We also hope that they will start believing in having allergy free lives ahead. This will also motivate them to take steps to reach these goals.

This is also a live book. Readers' questions, comments and feedback will allow us to add and improve the next edition. We look forward to answering your allergy questions. This will help our future readers. Enjoy the allergy free life.

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