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The Mushroom Rainbow


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The Mushroom Rainbow

Länge: 48 Seiten12 Minuten


The reader is introduced to the basic principles of mushroom hunting. Different mushroom characteristics are explained to facilitate a thorough identification process. Only the 18 most identifiable and delicious edible mushrooms are included here with a focus on Northeast North America. The 5 deadliest mushrooms are also included. The mushrooms are all sorted by color. Each mushroom description includes a careful comparison with its lookalikes and tips on how to tell them apart. The mushrooms are illustrated to discourage a dangerous reliance on photo-based identification and to encourage a focus on the verbal description and main mushroom characteristics. This is a great guide to bring with you on your next hike! It serves as an introduction to the wonderful world of mushrooms. You will also see a list of the best mushroom references at the end of the book should you pursue a passion for mushrooms.

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