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Food for Food Allergy (Egg | Dairy | Peanut): How to get started


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Food for Food Allergy (Egg | Dairy | Peanut): How to get started

Länge: 72 Seiten46 Minuten


Food ideas for your food-allergy child

If you are new to food allergy.
If you are not sure what to do next.
If you want accurate advice about what to feed your allergic child.

Then this is the book for you. It has been written for parents with a child diagnosed with food allergy – egg, dairy or peanut.
We give you practical ideas and helpful hints of what you can do.

This book is about treating and managing food allergy|intolerance – not making a diagnosis (please see “Eczema! Cure It!” for diagnostic help).
We also give you practical and easy-to-make allergen-free recipes so that you can be confident you are giving your child a fully nutritious diet that avoids: egg, milk, and peanuts.

This book does not cover: gluten-illness or gluten-free food ideas, or reactions to colorings and preservatives. These topics are covered in our other books.

Chapter 1. New to food allergy - What to do?
Your likely questions.

Chapter 2. Starting your food allergy journey
First, get a proper diagnosis
No rush
Help around the corner
When is it a good time to see a dietician?
First steps to avoid food allergens.

Chapter 3. Egg, Dairy & Peanuts
Egg Allergy
Dairy (cow’s milk) Allergy
Peanut Allergy.

Chapter 4. Food lists – what you can and can’t eat
Food Allergen Labelling
Egg words to look out for
Milk words to look out for
Peanut words to look out for.

Chapter 5. How to substitute for eggs & milk
How to replace egg
How to replace milk
Cooking with Special Formula (Pepti-junior, Neocate, Elecare)

Chapter 6. Feeding babies and children.
Breast feeding
Foods come through the breast milk
Introducing solids
Good feeding habits
Low allergen foods
Feeding Toddlers
Fussy feeders
A fussy-feeding strategy that works.

Chapter 7. First solids ideas
Useful hints
Simple 1-ingredient preparation

Chapter 8. Good lunch ideas.

Chapter 9. Breakfasts for older children.

Chapter 10. Your shopping list – nutritious, healthy, easy.

Chapter 11. Web links and books.

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