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Maddalena: Mussolini's 'Daughter of the Wolf'


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Maddalena: Mussolini's 'Daughter of the Wolf'

Länge: 75 Seiten1 Stunde


Maddelana is a loyal and enthusiastic young fascist in Mussolini's Italy, but her world is about to be smashed and broken beyond all recognition by World War Two.

Born into a loving family in the north of Italy, Maddelana life was happy and carefree. Her father was a successful cabinet maker and her mother a talented teacher. Like any child, Maddelana is neither interested nor aware of the political machinations of her country. All that matters to her are her family and friends, and everything in that world looks perfect.

This is a true account of a teenager who lived in Italy during World War Two. It shows the reader, through the eyes of Maddelana, the struggle of ordinary Italians under the oppressive rule of Mussolini's Fascist State; how he led them all into the chaos and destruction of war to feed his own megalomania, and to achieve his ambition of becoming a great and revered leader of a new Roman Empire.

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