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Food Allergies: What Symptoms?


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Food Allergies: What Symptoms?

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Food Intolerance?
Food Sensitivity?
Food Reactions?

Could food be making you ill? How can you tell? Are you troubled by: Dairy? Wheat? Gluten? Nuts? Soy? Additives? Dr Ford's 30 years experience helps you get to grips with food allergy.
Unfortunately, many doctors have little knowledge of food reactions. Often, people with unexplained symptoms are told "there's nothing wrong with you." Food allergy symptoms can be diagnosed and treated. Why wait?

For example, Katrina writes on facebook:
“I took my eldest boy (now 23 mths) to the hospital when he had problems when 4 wks old: he was failing-to-thrive (not growing) and had feeding problems. But the pediatricians at the hospital didn't believe in allergies. Two weeks later we went to see Dr Ford. It turns out that Tomasz has multiple food allergies - no wonder he screamed when feeding and wasn't putting on weight!”

Chapter 1. Food allergy – the concepts
Food allergy is common
Food allergy or food intolerance
Developing tolerance to foods
Common diagnostic mistakes
Food additives and hyperactivity

Chapter 2. Food allergy - the symptoms
Quick and slow onset food reactions
Symptoms are common
Death from food allergy
The Allergic March
Probiotics for the gut
Oral Allergy Syndrome

Chapter 3. Eczema – caused by food allergy
Eczema and food allergy are linked
Research evidence of eczema-food-link
What have other researchers found?
15 studies proving the food-eczema link
Gluten known to cause skin disease
Chapter 4. Gut and bowel allergy problems
Blood in stool
Pale stool
Chronic diarrhea
Constipation and soiling in children is common
Gastric Reflux – GORD/GERD
Helicobacter pylori

Chapter 5. Cow’s milk allergy | intolerance
Colic and cow’s milk
Cow’s milk Allergy
Cow’s milk free diet
Cow’s milk protein intolerance - CMPI
Dairy-free children
“Milk” formulas
What Dairy-free formulas are available for your baby?
Special low allergen “milk” formulas

Chapter 6. Egg & peanut allergy
Egg allergy
Peanut allergy

Chapter 7. Gluten sensitivity | celiac
Celiac disease
The Gluten Syndrome
Symptoms of the Gluten Syndrome
How early can you diagnose celiac disease?
Gluten-free diets
How strict gluten-free?
How long gluten free?

Chapter 8. The eClinic – on-line diagnosis and management
What is the purpose of the eClinic?
Who could be helped by the eClinic?
Can you trust Dr Ford’s opinion?
What guarantees do you have?
How best to use the eClinic?
How is your own doctor involved?
Why set up an eClinic?

Chapter 9. Web links and books

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