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Allergy Resolution Process: you can be symptom-free in less than two hours


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Allergy Resolution Process: you can be symptom-free in less than two hours

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This eBook will show you a simple, step by step process that allows you to change the way your body and mind are hooked up, so your immune system learns that whatever you’re allergic to isn’t dangerous.

If you can’t imagine life without allergies, you may not be ready to let go of them. As crazy as it sounds, some people become attached to their allergies. It becomes part of who they are. I hope you’re not one of those people, because allergies can make you miserable.

Once you're fully ready to complete the Allergy Resolution Process and become allergy free (possibly for the first time in your life), you’ll be so happy, you’ll tell all of your friends--or at least the ones with allergies!

What about kids?

The Allergy Resolution Process requires a certain amount of mental maturity to be effective. Generally speaking, the Process works well for children of adolescent age and older. Feel free to contact me via for possible suggestions for pre-adolescent children.

Does this Process work for everyone who tries it?

Informal studies have shown that this and similar body-mind processes have been 80-85% effective in eliminating allergic responses, often permanently. As reported in NLP University's (Santa Cruz, CA) website:

"In a study done in Salt Lake City (Hallbom & Smith, 1987), for example, thirty individuals were guided through the allergy pattern for a multitude of allergies, including pollen, smoke and foods. They even treated a person who was sensitive to poison oak, which is a kind of an allergy. Out of the thirty people, all but three showed immediate reduction of their symptoms. Most of the people in the study, in fact, showed a complete suppression of the allergic reaction immediately after learning the process. A six month follow up revealed that only three of the individuals who had responded positively had any recurrence of their allergies."

In other words, 24 out of 30 people (eighty percent!) responded successfully to gentle NLP change work and were still symptom-free six months later!

The NLP University website continues:

"In the summer of 1994, a controlled clinical test of the Allergy Process was conducted with approximately 120 allergy sufferers. The study was conducted under the supervision of Dr. David Paul [M.D.] at a hospital in Vail, Colorado. The study showed that the Allergy Process produced significant reduction in the symptoms of many types of allergies, in particular food allergies."

In the off-chance that you relapse after using the Allergy Resolution Process, just do it again--it only takes about an hour. Once you purchase the Process, you'll have a eBook which you can use as many times as you like.

Is the Allergy Resolution Process guaranteed to work?

Absolutely not! This is not a "cure" for allergies. According to any physician you might consult, allergies cannot be cured. I am in no way claiming that you will be cured after doing the Allergy Resolution Process. Your symptoms may be gone, your blood test or skin-prick test may change from positive to negative, but I cannot say that you have been cured. Results not guaranteed. Results will vary. Please read the full Disclaimer prior to purchase by using Smashwords' free sample feature.

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