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The Cusp of Empire


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The Cusp of Empire

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There is a code to be followed. A power structure that is adhered to. And an Empire on the brink of collapse.
Hezekiah Dubroff is reigning King of the Hierarchy, a secret Society pre-dating the Declaration of Independence now turned into an underworld for the American business elite. The Hierarchy is ruled by the Rite of Five, a power structure of checks and balances that once upheld the rule of law but have now begun to crumble into chaos on the city streets of Charlotte, the Hierarchies’ Kingdom. To Calvin Jethrow, Lhedhear of the Council, Hezekiah’s Throne has no place in the Societies future nor does the head that sits upon his shoulders.
Hezekiah is forced into a battle of wits, cunning and power against not only The Council itself but his former inner circle as well, one of which being Keyocia, Hezekiah’s Queen. The war for influence over the city is ripe with betrayal and sinister ulterior motives. Corruption will only save the willing and death is the price for those who will not conform, the take downs Hezekiah once performed in High school won’t be enough for the young Monarch to win out this time. Hezekiah will have to fight for the Throne and his Rite or perish in the fight for Empire that he helped create.

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