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Bangkok: Just Under the Skin

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Bangkok—Just Under the Skin, looks at the world of the single, expat man in his often-misguided quest to find love in Bangkok, The City of Angels. These 19 short stories provide an insider’s view of the nightlife and extravagance this city has to offer, which often leads to drunken misadventure and unsure footing, on what can be a delightful, or a dangerously slippery slope. There are stories of heartache, heartbreak, true love found, laughter and friendship. Explored through the genres of noir, magical realism, narrative, character sketch, novella, dialogue, and told through various perspectives, these often-gritty tales will take you by the hand on an odyssey—often doomed—into the often-treacherous heart of this exotic capital. Bangkok is The City of Angels, but it also can be a devilishly lonely place.

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