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The Last Big Job


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The Last Big Job

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Blackburn on a Friday night at the beginning of summer is always a policing headache. But for the officers of Blackburn police station it’s about to become a nightmare.
When three police cars explode in quick succession in the station car park, it seems as if a spectacular terrorist campaign is underway. But as Blackburn’s finest get ready to do battle with the IRA, the real action is going down elsewhere – a building society heist that is about to go badly wrong and which will have consequences for the whole force.
Consequences which will ultimately involve an ex-KGB hit-man, an undercover cop in danger from his own side as much as the villains he’s trying to nail, and a spectacular attempt to relieve the Royal Mint of £50m.
THE LAST BIG JOB is Nick Oldham’s tough and authentic story of the men and women who put their lives on the line in the course of duty.

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