Basketball Just for You


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Basketball Just for You

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This book is a motivational teaching tool for both coaches and players and shows the beauty of the unique sport of basketball. There is an emphasis on the importance of health, educational and discipline as well as strategies and techniques essential to playing a good game. This is the first book written using both the English and metric systems of measurement in relationship to the game of basketball so that information will apply to any team in the world.

Included are:

- Instructions for teaching the fundamentals for proper body and hand positions to eliminate uncoordinated movements.

- Educational and psychological aspects not only for teaching the game of basketball but also for creating a proper environment to learn and play.

- Explanation of squares on the boards and trajectory of shots.

- Drawings of the courts and explanations of rules that will be helpful for basketball teams in any country of the world.

Young coaches can benefit not only from various recommendations of teaching technique and strategy, but also use remarks for coaching during the game. The techniques provided will help with the progress in learning the basics and help to create excellent conditions for great success.

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