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A kid acquires the power of cyberportation: the ability to travel physically through the cyberspace.

“01” is a “cyberhero” novel about a lone kid living inside New York’s underground tunnels in a dystopian near future. The Great Cyberwar has left modern infrastructure in ruins, even as technology advances towards the Singularity—the emergence of greater-than-human intelligence. North America has been divided into quadrants, the Eastern sector in conflict with Actias, a powerful tyrant presiding over Manhattan Island’s police state. Central Park is now a high-tech dumping ground. Noxious clouds drape the skyline. And the few citizens left are watched by Skeyeview—Actias’s omniscient, live, spy-satellite program.

Injured by a landmine while escaping the controlled city, the kid is rescued from certain death by the daughter of a high-tech, biomedical scientist. As he recovers, a malfunction during a powerful 50 Tesla MRI scan to fit him for a prosthetic leg digitizes the kid’s body. He is ingested into the clinic’s supercomputer in the form of data packets—zeroes and ones—that assemble into the digital perception of himself: “01”, a 3D-pixeled, armor-framed cyber-being that soon ventures in and out and across the net.

With the help of Lucas, the clinic’s IT computer tech, he learns to navigate cyberspace, battle harmful worms and viruses, and enter the real world via EarthSfera—a virtual globe satellite application.

Actias is bent on submitting the human race to Artificial Intelligence as the Singularity nears. 01 breaches his cybersite in order to thwart his plan. But Actias has succeeded in replicating the molecular digitization process, and uploads his ruthless mercenary, Ektrom, to battle him.

It is war inside cyberspace.

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