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A Dog In A Trap

A Dog In A Trap

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A Dog In A Trap

68 Seiten
49 Minuten
Jul 7, 2012


Malyna finds a dog in a trap. Her horses’ get bad colic and nitrate poisoning. Then Malyna’s brother’s horse dies. She then goes to a trial, burial and a birthday party to find out why these things were happening, and who was causing them.

Jul 7, 2012

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A Dog In A Trap - Lauren Vrybloed

A Dog In A Trap


Lauren Vrybloed


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Fort Saskatchewan Elementary School (Mr. Ching) on Smashwords

How It All Began

Copyright © 2012 by Lauren Vrybloed

Book Cover picture by mesaba via flickr

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Foreword: How It All Began is the first work by a young author. Written as a writing project for her Grade 5 Language Arts class in 2012, A Dog In A Trap shows the promise of greater work to come from Lauren in the future.

If you have any comments, words of encouragement or suggestions, they can be

sent via to Appropriate emails will be forwarded to her.

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ISBN: 9781476063904

Title: A Dog In A Trap

Author: Lauren Vrybloed

Publisher: Smashwords, Inc.

A Dog In a Trap

by Lauren Vrybloed

Chapter 1

Lexxi get back here, Malyna Cooper said, in her daydream. Malyna was chasing her beautiful chestnut horse around the paddock trying to catch her but Lexxi managed to get away.

Malyna, Malyna, Mrs. Tooth said, waving her beautifully manicured hand in front of Malyna’s face to startle her from her dream.

Will you please pay attention Malyna, she said crossly walking back to face the class from the front of the class and promptly said.Please turn to page 25 so we can correct the math questions 1-12 that we did yesterday.

After the long, boring math lesson at the end of the day Malyna climbed aboard her bus driver’s yellow 28 year school bus and the bus headed out to the countryside and to Malyna’s home.

When Malyna arrived home she started on her evening chores, milking her cow Milly and her dad’s 10 other cows ( April, Rebekah, Keeley, Ali, Dawn, Laurel, Spots, Grape, Peaches and Molly). When Malyna was milking the cows they decided to play a joke on her. Grape and Rebekah (when Malyna was milking) swished their tails around Malyna’s face and knocked her glasses clean off her tanned, freckled face and into the stall beside them.

Now since Malyna had a good sense of humor she laughed at them and said, Now Peaches and Rebekah please don’t swish my glasses off my face or there will be no Honeysuckle hay for you.

Malyna said Honeysuckle hay because it was the cows’ favorite treat for being good. But on the other hand if you promise not to do that again you can get a handful of the Honeysuckle hay with your supper.

After milking all the cows Malyna headed over to her family’s bright red barn, now Malyna liked her barn just fine but many other children in her class did not. They would say, Malyna did your family’s old barn fall down yet? The reason they said this was because they had all seen her barn and to them it wasn’t a very good barn because the shutters on the small windows were broken, some of the beams that held the barn up were broken or bent.

Another reason they didn’t like it was because there wasn’t a chicken coop, instead the barn was near the back because the barn had a hole in it. Malyna’s father designed it like this so the chickens (he first thought horses but changed to chickens when the carpenters made the hole too small) could roam outside the barn whenever they liked.

The reason he could do this was because

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