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Grilling low carb and making sure that dishes turn out flavorful yet tasty is what this book is all about - based on 4 Hour Body. There are recipes that make up a full menu from what goes on the grill as a main dish, what you can serve on the side and as a great dipping sauce. All the recipes are easy to make and there's even a kids friendly version! Based on the popularity of the Tasty & Thin Vol 1 Low Carb Indian Recipes, all of the recipes are full of great flavor. Our passion to help people eat healthy and enjoy their food is reflected. If you're looking to lose weight or improve your health, this is the recipe book for you. The mother daughter team who wrote it have lost weight, lowered blood pressure and are still eating low carb because the food is so flavorful and easy to prepare. The authors are also very passionate about everyone getting healthy and are available via Twitter (@Tastynthin)via Facebook and email to help with any grocery shopping questions, preparation issues and are even available to give lessons if you are in San Diego.

Published: Nashina Asaria on
ISBN: 9781476426662
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