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How to Draw Robots by Katie O
How to Draw Robots by Katie O
How to Draw Robots by Katie O
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How to Draw Robots by Katie O

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Über dieses E-Book

Robots. Where would we be without them? Those tireless engines of activity that power almost everything in our modern world. They so rarely get to relax, put their clunky feet up and give themselves an oil change.

Well all that is about to change. In this book you will meet 10 mechanical characters, each of which has their own personality. You will get to know them by following the simple step by step instructions on how to bring these motorised creations to life, under the guidance of artist and illustrator Katie O, inspired by her famous Minor Malfunctions Exhibition.

I hope you find this book informative and inspiring. Once you have mastered them all, why not put you new skills into practice and design your own metallic monsters.

HerausgeberKatie O
Erscheinungsdatum23. Juli 2012
How to Draw Robots by Katie O
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Katie O

Katie O is an artist who lives and works in Coventry, England. In school she discovered her love of drawing and quickly gained a reputation amongst her peers as a talented artist. She continued her love of art on through to university, where she honed her skills and developed a style that reflects her unique imagination, while gaining an honours degree in Fine Art. Katie O’s artwork covers many subject matters, but is tied together by a desire to challenge the perceptions that people hold about their everyday lives. This could be exploring animal transformations that nature forgot to evolve, or adding a new twist to the imagery of our favourite fairytales. In Katie O’s art, everyday objects can become terrifying, or the viewer can feel sympathy for even the most ferocious of monsters. The altered realities presented in Katie O’s artwork provide intrigue and curiosity for the viewer, challenging that which they used to fear, while also questioning that which they believed was safe. They are seeing the world through new eyes. Through Katie’s eyes. Katie works closely with fellow writer, editor and author Aaron Mullins, whose work can also be found on Smashwords:

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Bewertung: 4 von 5 Sternen

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    How to Draw Robots by Katie O - Katie O

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