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No Guts No Glory


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No Guts No Glory

Länge: 21 Seiten13 Minuten


Leo has a had a thing for fellow bull rider Art for as long as they'd been friends. But he's never made a move because he thought Art would never be interested. So it falls to Art to make the first move, and when he does it's everything Leo hoped it could be and more. Far, far more than he ever expected. Especially when Art drops to his knees with that look in his eye... and Art has never had the feeling of being taken and used before. As a pro bull rider, he’s not used to being ridden, and being the one to give and not take. Leo is not the aggressor, by any means, but when Art gives him the go ahead, he certainly takes every advantage of it. For someone who is new at the game, Art is certainly ready, willing and able to learn, as he savors every moment of it.

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