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Facial Master Strokes: Stroke Away Wrinkles Look Younger in Seconds!

Facial Master Strokes: Stroke Away Wrinkles Look Younger in Seconds!

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Facial Master Strokes: Stroke Away Wrinkles Look Younger in Seconds!

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Sep 15, 2012


It is so easy to naturally rejuvenate the skin, erase forehead creases, and face and neck wrinkles quickly and painlessly. Aromatherapy massage, gentle effleurage, feather light stroking are all luxurious ways to de-age your face. Differences can be seen in literally seconds. This book tells you how to quickly and easily give yourself a natural face lift with Facial Master Strokes.

Sep 15, 2012

Über den Autor

Julia Busch is President of Anti-Aging Press, Inc. A woman whose career is as diverse as her writing can best be described through the following article “Julia Busch Renaissance Woman,” written by the late artist Eugene Massin, professor emeritus University of Miami, Florida for Ideas Magazine. You’re Julia Busch? I thought you’d be much older?” This was a comment overheard at a lecture given by Julia Busch – artist, philosopher, sculptor-jeweler, opera singer, art historian, author, teacher and human being. The comment seemingly strange, was directed at a...woman of unlimited talents...A woman of extraordinary energies who has developed phenomenal abilities...talents most ordinary persons might take a lifetime or more to even approach. My acquaintance with Julia began...when she entered the University of Miami. While lecturing about the character of line in the technique of drawing, I was most impressed with her ability to almost preconceive what I was discussing. When I asked who she had studied with, she looked a little surprised and replied, “No one. I’ve always drawn this way.” In subsequent conversations, I found she had studied opera in Juilliard School of Music, played the violin, written poetry, been an airline stewardess, modeled, worked as a cocktail waitress, sold real estate and had been with a New York publishing firm...I invited her to work with me in developing the new media made available to the artist through technical advancement. Here she became researcher and chemist, working with acrylics and polyester resin, later publishing A Decade of Sculpture: The New Media of the 1960’s...while incidentally breeding Burmese and Himalayan cats and working out an approach to a children’s art and sensitivity training series. As a teacher, I’ve observed Julia the philosopher and humanist warmly and patiently working with her students – creating in them a need to surpass themselves. During the course of the day, it’s not unusual to hear an operatic aria burst forth for no reason at all, except for an exuberance and joie-de-vivre. There is a fascinating excitement to be amid the many activities that seem to be in the grasp of one individual: to watch pieces of wax become golden images, to watch a drawing unfold as if it were magically pulled from beneath a page, to watch words being ordered in particular thought provoking concepts, to watch students, through love blossom, and see time being used to its fullest.”

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Facial Master Strokes - Julia Busch

Facial Master Strokes:

Stroke Away Wrinkles Look Younger in Seconds!

Julia M. Busch

Smashwords Edition

Copyright 2012 Julia M. Busch text and illustrations

Author’s note: The purpose of this book is meant to inspire, to enlighten, entertain, and educate. It is not in any way meant to serve as a guide for medical problems. Any application of the concepts and/or information contained herein is done solely at the risk and discretion of the reader.

About the Author

Julia Busch researches beauty in its broadest sense. A lifelong interest in health and well-being, she has written on a wide variety of topics, from TMJ, temporomandibular (jaw) joint, problems to facial massage techniques, to the aging in a youth society dilemma.


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