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Jurassic Prick (Fungus #2)

35 pages26 minutes


There's trouble in Melbourne again, and Victoria's new assistant police commissioner, the Panamanian Alberto Zapata, is back on the case.

A new airline with onboard casinos is sucking money from the people's pockets, prompting an array of offbeat community groups to take to the streets in protest. And under suspicious circumstances, the city's existing casino is trampled into dust by an elephant stampede.

Zapata is sent to investigate. Meanwhile, Cucumber Gutierrez and his neighbor Kootis watch the drama unfold using a new invention, Commissioner Randhall redeems himself with an impressive feat of heroism, and the prick premier and his oily puppet master are ready for their just desserts.

"Jurassic Prick" is the latest madcap adventure, full of Spanglish humor, from the author of "Broom, Broom" (now available here FREE). Keep a look out for the next episode, "China, Please Give me More," coming soon.

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