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Spiritual Harvest: Discourses on the Path to Fulfillment


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Spiritual Harvest: Discourses on the Path to Fulfillment

Länge: 182 Seiten1 Stunde


Spiritual Harvest is a pilgrimage, a journey to a realm of inner awareness rarely perceived through the barren cacophony of modern life. Like the dawn over fields of ripened grain, this book gives a heartlifting vision of life's essence and provides the elements for unimagined personal fulfillment. All the bounty here is sustenance for the soul, served with a natural authority and power from a most remarkable man. You will find insight, inspiration and challenges that cannot be found elsewhere. Spiritual Harvest is an experience to treasure.

The spiritual concepts in this book are not just from the mind of William LePar, but from a greater source. The truths revealed are based on words from The Council, beings inhabiting a spiritual plane next to the throne of God, so to speak, and who in their love of mankind, have communicated to the material world through LePar. For some, this may not be an easy concept to accept. For others, it is quite literally a God-send.

What you will find in this book are common-sense approaches to the afterlife, parenting, wealth and other forms of materialism, religion, love, suffering, prayer, meditation and much more. LePar speaks to us individually, focusing on what each of us must do to assure growth. In every corner of our life, there is potential for growth.

“Each of our lives is a mission that only we can accomplish. No one else at any given time in the history or future of mankind will ever be able to fulfill that mission as well as we could. The more confined that mission is the greater the mission, because it focuses in on specifics. In the big picture, the great missions that make significant changes are those missions that require us to love and love well our mate and those members of our family, our immediate family. These are the easiest situations to accomplish, yet they are the greatest because it is a direct interaction with those individuals, therefore a direct positive influence for them as well as ourselves.”

There is inspiration as well as advice. If we have failed, if we are discouraged at our lack of spiritual growth, this book offers encouragement.

“We must remember one very important and essential fact of all that exists, that this Divine Presence, our God, has only one emotion, one feeling, one desire, and that is that He loves us totally and completely, loves us just as we are, with our strengths and with our weaknesses. He waits patiently with His arms held out towards us. He offers us the truest and purest of all loves possible. But all this is for naught unless we are willing to return that embrace that He offers us. We must be willing to accept this Divine Presence as our personal lover, as the great love of our very soul. Only by loving this Creator more than we love ourselves can we experience spiritual ecstasy wrapped in His Loving Arms.”

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