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Waking Words


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Waking Words

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Describing this book of Waking Words are my thoughts of empathy of Life, Love and Loss. Many emotions we have encountered at some point in our lives, and sharing the highs and lows with the hand that life deals us. Including the loss of family and friends. Not knowing where our strength comes from at times, but it seems when we need it the most, it gets us through! After losing a child and searching for the answers as to why he was taken from a loving family, seems beyond comprehension. The indescribable pain that leaves a massive void in the hearts of people grieving for their loved ones, still after many years of mourning, led me to write the words in this book. Most of the poems I have written, came to me first thing in the morning. Hence the title. Rather than keep ignoring the words playing over and over in my mind, I wrote them down on a note pad that I kept beside my bed. With a little encouragement I decided to publish a few of them, with the hope that one or two of them could offer empathy, and words of comfort to some folks in times of need.

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