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Feb 12, 2013


The Sellers Guide – How and What to Sell on eBay that Works!, is a new book by Greg Mason that covers the basics for anyone looking to succeed like the best sellers on the site.

A new book, The Sellers Guide – How and What to Sell on eBay that Works!, by Greg Mason, has been announced and covers 25 chapters of information intended to help anyone find success in selling using the online marketplace. There are many people trying different methods of selling, and the book opens with a chapter on the big mistakes to avoid when trying to sell on the site.

The guide goes on to talk about how it is possible to work like the top power sellers, and to copy their tricks to success. A chapter on expanding an existing business follows, while the book moves forward to talk about finding a supplier and exactly what consumers are buying on eBay. The process of going forward with listing products and services is touched upon with a chapter on making a standout headline. While an eBay business can be hard work, another chapter talks about how to prevent it from dominating one’s life.

Professional aspects of a business run on the site is emphasized, and the subsequent chapters cover how to ship products to customers, start a bidding frenzy, and writing great ad copy. Also discussed are laws about selling homemade goods. Readers then get a synopsis on using discussion groups and forums, while the basics of making the most out of eBay are uncovered next.

As the level of knowledge discussed advances, readers receive tips for outsourcing their business and ones for selling multiple items at once. Starting prices for bidding are covered too, and a chapter on dealing with complaints helps readers and eBay beginners understand how to approach a proper method of customer service. In addition, information is provided on where to find drop shippers. Readers also learn the advantages of selling locally and the importance of a good feedback score.

Finally addressing the possibilities of turning a hobby into a business using eBay, the author brings the book full circle in expanding the reader’s possibilities for launching a successful venture using the marketplace.

The Sellers Guide – How and What to Sell on eBay that Works! is AVAILABLE NOW!

Feb 12, 2013

Über den Autor

Greg Mason has been a professional book writer since 2001. Since starting out he has written and had numerous books published on popular topics. The following is a list of some of his work: * Sellers Guide - How and What to Sell on eBay that Works! * The Stock Market Today - How the Stock Market Works and The Basic Pitfalls to Avoid Before Investing * Retirement Plans and Ideas - How to Plan for Retirement and Enjoy the BEST Years of Your Life! * The How to Guide for Playing the Guitar - Basic Guitar Lessons for Beginners

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Greg Mason


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Chapter 1 - Big Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make On eBay

Once you have set up your business of selling on eBay it is a wise idea to continue to read and learn all you can about the process. There are some mistakes that you could make when selling on eBay that could cost you money. Some are quite simple and easy to correct once you know what they are. Here are some samples.

* Listing an item at the wrong time. Sunday evening is the time that most people have a few spare hours. It has been proven that this is the most popular time for surfing and buying online, so if you’ve set the timing of your auction to miss Sunday evening, you could be losing customers.

* What about photos? If you think they are unimportant, it could easily cost you the sale. People like to be able to see what they are buying and if you have several photos taken from different angles, so much the better. Another problem is the quality of the photos. Ebay has a list of good advice about the sort of photos that are the best. For instance, make sure that you have a plain background so that the product shows up well and there is no confusion as to what you are selling. The simple truth is good clear photos will help you get higher bids.

* Using too much animation, colored text and other distractions in an attempt to get the customer to notice you actually works in the opposite way. It provides great distraction and makes the listing very hard to read. If a customer has clicked on your listing, you already have his attention. The details then need to be as easy as possible to read and aimed at getting his bid, not his attention.

* Placing a reserve price on your item is a big mistake. Potential bidders are scared off when they see the reserve not yet met tag on your listing. You run the risk of having to sell at a ridiculously low price - and it might just be to some other seller who will sell your product a few days later at the price you should have got for it, had you done it right.

There are a few other mistakes you should watch out for. Not researching the proper value of an item before you buy it to resell at a profit is one. Ebay has tools you can use for research. Learn to use them for your own benefit. Buying emotionally is another one. If you see something you really, really want you are likely to pay much more for it than you need to, especially if it a collectable. A major mistake is failing to take responsibility for your mistakes. Once you learn what you are doing wrong you can easily change it. Why leave money on the table if you don’t have to?

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