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SEO For Writers And Bloggers

SEO For Writers And Bloggers

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SEO For Writers And Bloggers

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Feb 14, 2013


Here’s how to master search engine optimisation and tame the monster that is SEO – in a matter of hours
Imagine if you could crack the secret of writing SEO copy without having to stuff your prose full of keywords, or spending hours working out what those SEO ‘experts’ are on about:
Learn to write for both readers and search engines, and attract more visitors to your website
Discover how to research and use keywords – and precisely where they should be placed for maximum effectiveness
50 pages of facts, tricks, strategies, tips and essential information, explained in clear English, and structured to take you from the basics through to mastery of writing SEO copy.

Everything you need to know to bring in more readers from the search engines: go from SEO novice to expert in a matter of hours and save yourself weeks of research trying to get to the right information.

You know you should take search engine optimisation more seriously, but it’s such a boring subject, full of jargon, and hard to engage with – when you would rather just be writing and blogging.
But getting more traffic from the search engines is not hit and miss – you need to do the right things, and avoid the wrong things.
To rank high in the search engines, you don’t have to mangle your writing by stuffing it full of keywords.
It’s much smarter to know what the search engines are looking for and how they work, so you can target your keywords, put them in the right places, and keep on writing for readers, not robots.
This book isn’t about how to game Google or how to get rich quick in internet marketing. It’s a clear, simple but all-encompassing guide to writing in ways that will rank well in the search engines.
There’s 50 pages here, packed with information, designed to give you virtually everything you need to know, as a writer or blogger, for ranking well in the searches.
It’s not a guarantee to put at number one in Google. You have to do the work. What the book does is give you the facts, clearly and quickly, so you can improve your online writing.
Who’s it for?
Anyone who blogs or writes online and wants more traffic to their site, their articles, their pages, hubs, lenses or whatever.
Who’s it written by?
The author is not an SEO consultant, expert, or ‘ninja,’ but a writer. This book has been written from scratch, not thrown together from blog posts. It has been logically and clearly structured and written in clear English.
If you know nothing about SEO now, within a few hours you will know everything you need to know, unless you plan on becoming an SEO consultant. That’s right, it’s all here, clearly explained – how to choose keywords, how to research them, how and where to use them, both in your writing and behind the scenes on your web page.
The book is free from jargon and techno-babble. So if you want to master writing for the search engines, this book tells you how, in clear and easy to understand prose. It’s SEO made easy.
Everything’s covered: it’s the only ebook you’ll ever need when it comes to writing copy for websites, blogs, and other online content.

Feb 14, 2013

Über den Autor

Simon Townley is the author of the acclaimed slipstream / speculative novels ‘Lost In Thought’ and ‘Ball Machine’, and has written a range of cross-genre novels for both adults and young adults, including prehistoric fiction series ‘A Tribal Song – Tales of the Koriba’. The first novel in the series, ‘The Dry Lands,’ was published in 2012, with the second, ‘Caves of the Seers,’ scheduled for release in early in 2014. His sci-fi thriller ‘Outlivers,’ again written for both adults and young adults alike, is to be released in Autumn of 2013. This will be followed by the post-global warming, high-seas adventure ‘Among The Wreckage.’Simon has also written non-fiction, in particular on the subjects of copywriting and search engine optimisation. He studied English literature at the University of York in the UK and has worked as a journalist and copywriter for the past twenty years. He currently lives in Devon, England, with a woman, three cats and two Airedale terriers.Extended samples of Simon's books (usually the first five chapters) are available on his website at

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SEO For Writers And Bloggers - Simon J Townley


SEO for writers and bloggers

Search engine optimisation simplified, clarified and explained, in clear English

By Simon Townley

Published by Beardale Books at Smashwords

Copyright 2012 Simon J. Townley

This text uses British English spelling.

Extended contents

Part 1 - Getting ready

What is search engine optimisation?

What search engines want

How search engines work

The two parts to SEO - relevance and reputation


Keyword research

How to research keywords

Part 2 - Relevance and content

Relevance and on-page SEO

Keyword density and frequency

Important ways to use keywords



Part 3 - Hidden gems

Title text

Slugs and URLS

Meta description

Meta keywords

Alt tags and image names

Part 4 - Reputation and link building


Black hats and white hats

Links, links, links

Some things you shouldn't do

Gathering momentum

Article directories

Blog comments

Bookmarking sites

Using social media

Create content hubs

How to use Blogger for SEO

Guest posts

External linking strategy

Part 5 - Bringing it all together

Where to get more information

How to stay sane with SEO

What's next?

About this book

This book won't help you fool the search engines, spam them, trick them, or deceive them.

What this book does set out to do, however, is to show you ways you can work with the search engines, work on their terms, so you can write content that attracts readers.

I hope to you show you ways in which you can write well, write for readers, write in ways that are natural and fun and engaging, yet which will still rank highly in searches.

Part 1 - Getting ready

What is search engine optimisation?

If you're an absolute beginner to search engine optimisation (SEO) then we'd better start with the basics. (Some of you may be able to skip this section).

Search engines are familiar to all internet users - and include names like Google, Yahoo and Bing. They help people find stuff.

SEO is all about making sure your website or your writing is found by these search engines, and features higher up the rankings.

Ideally you want to be on the first page of the search results. That's a lot better than being on page 207. Because no one ever gets the page 207. In fact, most people don't even make it to page two.

When people search, they type stuff into the box and hit the search button. I know that's obvious, but it's really worth remembering. Because people are fallible and strange and often obtuse. They are not always logical in their searching. They are certainly not consistent.

Even if you have a good idea of the kinds of things people might be searching for, you can't always be certain what they will type into that search box.

What search engines

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