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The Prometheus Post: Issue Two


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The Prometheus Post: Issue Two

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The main focus of Prometheus this month is on Big Brother.

Big Brother was a term first coined by the author and journalist George Orwell. A term that, even half a century later, is taken to mean the disproportionate use of surveillance.

In this edition of The Prometheus Post this magazine will be doing a profile of George Orwell. It will explain his beginnings, his history and, most important of all, his ideas.
Under Labour, Great Britain was the most watched nation on earth, with more intrusive CCTV in operation in the United Kingdom than even Communist China. Labour justified this mass invasion of privacy on the grounds that we would all have more security.

In the present, a data communications bill is sitting in parliament which, if passed as it is, will lead to the creation of a massive information surveillance network, allowing the state to monitor our calls, emails and web browsing. Again, the government is justifying this on the grounds that it will lead to a safer Britain.

In a breaking report The Prometheus Post will show that Big Brother, the technological systems that intrude on our privacy with the massive claim that they make us safer, is not fit for purpose. The Prometheus Post has solid evidence that these illiberal systems actually decrease our safety: the final justification for removing them entirely. For if these illiberal systems don't even make us safer, there remains no reason to keep using them at all.

One of the main themes in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four was that when the news is controlled by the state, it always leads to the state becoming corrupt and acting to excess. It is fitting, then, that in this issue Prometheus will lay bare what Lord Leveson really suggests in his report, and Prometheus will explain that if these suggestions were ever implemented, as Labour and the Liberal Democrats want them to be, they would effectively end press freedom in the United Kingdom, while hampering investigative journalism to such a degree that the news would effectively be suppressed.

The 2015 general election is not as far away as it seems. The Conservative Party, whom Prometheus supports, needs to push a little harder in order to return a Tory majority. In a detailed report, Prometheus will explain what the Conservative Party needs to do to win in 2015.

Also in this issue, Prometheus will expose the democratic deficiencies of the European Union. Prometheus will also explain what refinements need to be made to the welfare reforms of Iain Duncan Smith to best aid the poor, and, as part of this magazine’s business series, will explain what principles can be used to maximise workforce effectiveness.

Richard Pinder - Editor

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