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Wilder in the Everglades

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Truly Julie Wilder was born and raised in the wilds of the Florida Everglades. She makes her living as a tour guide protecting tourists from hungry alligators and rabid souvenir vendors. She’s twenty-seven, single and prefers to be called by her initials—TeeJay.

Bluffing her way into a high-paying job, TeeJay takes a Turkish princess on a tour of the Everglades. Unknown to TeeJay, the spoiled princess has made plans to ditch the tour and party with Lady Gaga in Miami. Keeping the rowdy teen under control becomes vital when TeeJay discovers the princess is the target of an international death plot. TeeJay is then forced to drag the incorrigible girl deep into the Everglades while fending off a psychotic Indian tracker, Crazy Ike and his swamp-stompers and a squad of highly-trained assassins.

The men chasing TeeJay and the princess have guns, jeeps and satellite communication. TeeJay has a klutzy teenager, an empty Band-aid box and wildlife knowledge.

Those guys don't stand a chance.

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