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Awakening The Children of Light


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Awakening The Children of Light

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From the moment the Sephirtree family found the infant on their doorstep, one bright morning, they knew they had been given a great gift from the Divine. A letter in a gilt envelope found in the basket alongside the boy, from Neschamah, the Source, gave them charge of the little one to raise as their own, to train him in all they knew of that Source. A woman of the town, who had just had a baby girl of her own, became milk mother to the boy, and the first year of their lives was spent growing together and enjoying the bond between them. When the girl’s father, Prince of the House of Khan, returned from Kashmir to bring his wife and daughter home after a forced separation by politics, the two children were devastated at the loss of one another. Each, however, had a great destiny to fulfill, and the boy’s Grandfather Tron and the girl’s Grandmother Rubi’a assisted in healing the wound of their separation. In the ensuing years each would be trained in all the ways necessary for them to do so. The boy was educated by each in the Sephirtree family with their respective gifts, mathematics, language, music, astronomy, astrology, and wisdom, overseen by Tron; the girl educated by Rubi’a, a Sufi, Dervish Master, in the ways of the mystical Islamic tradition, as well as the traditions of many other religions.

Each child, as they grow through their training, comes to mastery of the ways of their respective traditions as well as through some of the wonderful and frightening experiences in their lives. As Earth and humankind finally come to the time of the cosmic shift of the ages, the time was right, and they each were brought to full remembrance of their reason for being on the Earth at this time, their purpose together as Souls in Sacred Union, to facilitate the transformation of Earth and Humankind – the Children of Light - at this time of grand change at the Turn of the Age.

Follow the two children as they become aware of a negative force working with humankind, and in the climactic moments of the story, having remembered their purpose, how their training has given them the tools to help wake up humans from their long sleep, a new form of music designed to shatter old, entrenched thinking and ways of doing. Watch also as some of the souls who had, for many lifetimes, been instrumental in keeping humankind under their collective thumbs, begin to wake up. In order for the transformation of Earth and the Children of Light to be complete, it was time for these souls to also remember their own purposes in this awakening time.

Discover in this book the author’s view of how the Children of Light came to this beautiful planet and their purpose therein as well.

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