English 101 Series: 101 slang terms (set 1)


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English 101 Series: 101 slang terms (set 1)

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This book is designed for people who are learning English as a foreign language and wish to improve their use of English slang. This is the first set of 101 slang terms by the author. A second set, written in 2013, is also available.

This book contains 101 slang terms that are frequently used in English, arranged alphabetically. The slang terms are mild, i.e. they are not extremely offensive. However, some of the terms should be used carefully. For example, calling someone (particularly a stranger) a nosey parker to their face could provoke an undesirable response. On the other hand, referring to something as ‘ace’ should not cause any problems whatsoever.

Each slang term is provided with an example of its use. A short list of topics where the slang terms are often used is also provided. The examples are provided as answers to questions from the IELTS test, but the book can be used by any teenage or adult learner who is at intermediate or advanced level.

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