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Apr 16, 2013


Science-fiction and traditional ghost-story merge in this tale of the near-future. Ghosts and spirits abound here, but be careful what you download...

Have you ever been on a ghost hunt...?

Contains occasional swearing.

13.000 words.

Apr 16, 2013

Über den Autor

THANKS FOR VISITING MY PAGE *****MY STORY 'CUTS' PUBLISHED IN 'THE COLORED LENS', WINTER 2014 - NOW AVAILABLE***** ***** OVER 9000 DOWNLOADS ON SMASHWORDS ***** I'm a writer of mainly horror, science-fiction and fantasy stories, and live with my wife and three cats in County Durham, England. When I'm not being a full-time registered carer, I enjoy writing, reading, watching films and TV, drinking good beer with good friends, and collecting rejection letters. In the past I have had stories published in small press magazines including, "The Colored Lens", "Cthulhu Cultus", "Dark Legacy", "Dread", "Pop Fiction", "The Domain", "The Ancient Track", "Blue Silver Dementia"; e-zines and websites, "Frightnet", "Nightscapes", "Dark Portal", "Magnetic Fiction" "alt.ghoststories.", "Writers Dungeon", and "Raise The Dead". After a ten year break, and thanks to friends Jonathan Strickland and Robert Wilkins, and my wife, I am seriously writing again, trying to catch up on a boat-load of new ideas, and sending them out into the world. My newest success is my short science fiction story 'Cuts', which appeared in 'The Colored Lens', Winter 2014 Issue. My many influences include H.P.Lovecraft, Stephen King, Clark Ashton Smith, Thomas Ligotti, Angela Carter, Saki and many more. Of the stories here, UNCONTAINABLE, DREEK MIDWINTER and EYE CHECK are the most recently written, while HUNTING COMP, OBLIVIOUS and CONS go back to the mid 1990's. Thanks to all who have downloaded, read or reviewed my stories. Like most writers [some don't give a hoot], any feedback is very important to me, and I appreciate every review. Comments, queries, or correspondence can be sent off to Enjoy. The next story to be published here will be ???

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Uncontainable - Michael Carter


By Michael Carter (c) 2013

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MAIL#00 1 – received 15 October 2029

Ok, well here’s my report that you’ve been waiting for. I’m not really sure what’s gonna happen in the next few days. I don’t know what you’ve got lined up for me, but I’m gonna play my part well, I know that for sure. I’m mentioning my part, so I can mention the money, upfront, just to remind you, whoever it is that’s reading this, whichever representative of Majestic it is that’s dealing with me, to not forget about it. I’ve gotten the first chunk – very generous, thank you very much – but just don’t forget the balance, ok. Remember, you said one of the reasons you hired me above the other candidates, apart from being a fantastic coder, is for my straight-talking. Well, I’m straight-talking now. I’ll tell you everything you want to know in these mails, but don’t forget the cash, lads; don’t forget my money.

Well, I’ve read through the Briefing that you supplied and I understand what it is you want from me, what you want me to find out. But I ain’t gonna answer every point you make in a numbered list like that one you gave me. No sir, far too boring; I’m just gonna write. I’m in the city, as I write this, in Carthage Bar; the ale is real and expensive, but I can afford it now. I needed a stiff drink after the day I’ve had. But that’s what you want to know about, ain’t it? My day. Well, sorry if I’m boring you with irrelevancy, but that’s the way its gonna be. I’m gonna take the time to get down everything I remember, so I’m getting in the mood. And I hope you’re pleased with my writing; you wanted someone young, but someone old enough to not write in that bloody lay-z, awfl qikspeek shyt tht al th yuns ryt thees dayz. God, if I had to write like that, I’d go crazy. Anyway, if some new admin guy at your place can’t read my reports then I suggest you fire them and hire someone else who can, someone old-school. Anyway, lets get on.

I was scheduled to start work at STAR at three o’clock in the afternoon, my first shift, but one of them came by my place to pick me up a couple of hours earlier.

Hey there. You Stanley James? he said at the door, and didn’t wait for an answer. I’m O’Brien from STAR. Now I know you weren’t expecting me coming for you but the thing is we’ve got a job on now and could do with the hands, buddy.

I ain’t had my training or anything yet. I wouldn’t know what I was doing. I said.

Training on the job, dude. No time to start like right now. Listen, I’m parked on the bottom in the black Smile. I wanna get back to it before someone takes my wheels. He grimaced then, and his gaze moved around the floor, looking at the scratched graffiti and the patchy paintwork, the knackered elevator and the general grey decorum. You know, I used to live in a pit like this in Borough said O’Brien. I know, it’s depressing, man. Wait till you get your first pay check buddy and you’ll be away from this shithole.

I don’t mind it really. It’s pretty quiet. I- But he was away towards the stairs.

Ten mins, buddy, he called back at me, I’ll be outside. Get a shifty on, yeah. Then he was gone, giving me no chance at all to argue

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