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Marchi, already a widower and living far from his sons and grandchildren, keeps himself busy at a bookstore he owns. A man with very few friends, native of France and self-exiled some time after the last world war, devotes himself to thinking, recalling his life events and looking closely at the present world. An encounter one day with a teenage girl opens a door that allows him to talk about his philosophy of life, bringing along a new perspective to his own ideas.

The core of the conversations held by these two main characters can be described by the book’s opening phrase:

“You know Katherine? We keep on waiting for life to come when life is really going on.”

Take a look at someone you’d like to talk to, someone you’d like to meet, someone who does not read the papers but is acquainted with life, someone that will surprise you.

A look at better times? No, just different ones.

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