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Wagon Tracks to Somewhere


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Wagon Tracks to Somewhere

Länge: 234 Seiten3 Stunden


Has anyone ever rode a horse sixteen hundred miles, following wagon tracks, made by covered wagons, about 1875, to find out where they went? That is what this book is all about. And the adventure it turned out to be, is something that only the person who did this, actually knew.

But because this person has a special ability, which is, to be able to talk to any creature on this Earth, and to do what this young man did, will capture your own imagination, of what you might be able to do, in case you were able to do the same thing.

Consider making friends with several wild horses, and even a bald eagle, who helped protect these two individuals as they traveled. That is why you must read this book, so you too can experience what Daniel Royal experienced. Because the way this writer explains most everything, will permit you to be one of the characters of this book also. Become a person who will want to write a review about what you will read in this adventure story.

Lockley Cottonwood
A lifelong friend of
P. Arden Corbin

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