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Waitai Revisited

Waitai Revisited

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Waitai Revisited

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Jun 20, 2013


The main characters, Roscoe, Simione and Dan-Dan, are 12 year old triplet brothers who live in rural New Zealand. A forest park and coastal waters are their playground, an environment that has taught them survival skills and tests them to their limits. The special bond between the brothers is an all important ingredient in their adventures. A mysterious person appears in all six stories, a figure who the boys doubt they even saw at all.

Story six, Waitai Revisited: Rata, a German Shepherd puppy, joins the family and brings new challenges to the boys’ lives. A drama of dogs, guns and drugs coincides with Katrina’s visit. Their old friend Tamehana Tito, ghost or real, arrives just in time.

Jun 20, 2013

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Waitai Revisited - Doug Ashby

Three out of Three

The adventures of Triplet Brothers


Waitai Revisited

by D.R.H. Ashby

Published by Mackay Books at Smashwords.

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Published by Mackay Books

144 Bothwell Park Road

R D 2

Waiuku 2682

New Zealand


Dog’s Paradise

They had talked about it many times before but the boys had never spoken about it to their parents … they would love to own a dog.

Where they lived was the ideal environment for bringing up a dog, especially an active and boisterous animal like a Labrador, Doberman or a German Shepherd, one that needed plenty of space for exercise.

The brothers had gone through the options amongst themselves, trying to decide what they would really like. They needed an intelligent animal and it was essential that it had a good nose. Size theoretically wasn’t an issue. However, they secretly knew that a big dog was what they really wanted. A hound that would not only train well and do the job they had in mind for it but it also needed to be impressive.

The only problem was, would they be allowed to have one?

At the dinner table one night the boys’ father suddenly announced the best news they had heard for a while.

What do you think about us getting a dog? Living out here, we really need a watchdog to keep an eye on the place, especially when we are all out.

There was silence as the brothers held their breath.

It would need to be a large dog, some sort of deterrent to thieves, because, as you know, the Menzies down the road were burgled the other day. It will be a family pet as well as a watchdog and you boys will need to play a big part in its training and grooming.

Again there was silence so their father continued. Bringing up a dog teaches you responsibility. You have to feed, train and care for an animal that is dependent on you. He looked at each triplet, slightly surprised that not one of them had made a comment. Well, what do you think of that idea?

The flood gates opened. The brothers, unable to contain their excitement, talked over one another to reassure their father they were willing, able and mature enough to do the job.

Wow Dad! Roscoe finally

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