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Amelia and Lucius, A New Love

Amelia and Lucius, A New Love

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Amelia and Lucius, A New Love

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Jun 26, 2013


This tale is set in the world created for my Annan series. Here you will get a taste of the vampires in that world. Lucius is just one vampire, a simple man really, who falls in love with a human who deserves more then what life had given her. He tells her of how he came to be a vampire and gives her the choice of a life of love with him or the life she is living with a man whose love was never true.

Excerpt –

“What was your childhood like?”
Lucius stopped and blinked at her in the moonlight. He didn’t want to lie, he couldn’t, the time he spent watching her, waiting for the right time to approach her, hearing her every thought, were all lies enough in his own mind. He knew what he had to do.
It seems the time has chosen itself, Lucius thought with a laugh.
“Let’s head back.”
“Oh, what I can pour my heart out, but I get nothing?” Amelia’s tone was teasing but she was slightly put off he didn’t want to share.
“I’ll tell you all you want to know about me, and more, but we should head back. We have walked quite a distance.”
“Oh.” Amelia giggled. She felt silly and wished she could blame it on the wine like the night before, but the three glasses she drank did nothing more than warm her while she walked and told Lucius about her life growing up.
“Come on.” Lucius turned them back toward the hotel. “Before I begin,” he stopped and turned to Amelia, taking her face in his hands. “If I can never do this again,” Lucius pressed his lips to hers, kissing her passionately. He kissed her as though it was the last kiss they would share, since it very well could be. “One last kiss before I begin. Just in case you run screaming away from me forever.”
Lucius’ actions made dueling emotions erupt inside Amelia. What he was saying had her worried. Was he married too? A serial killer? However, his kiss pulled something from deep inside her. It screamed, “Stay, stay! Hear what he has to say!” So she stayed.
Lucius smiled down at her, their nearness and the moonlight allowed Amelia to see something in his eyes she had never seen in any man, not even her own husband, and when he spoke she could see the truth plain on his face. “I am deeply in love with you Amelia.”

Jun 26, 2013

Über den Autor

I am a mother, author, and dreamer. My mind is forever creating new worlds and characters and some day I wish to write full time so that I can share them all with you. Washington is my home state and love the fact that I will always be near my family and friends living in a beautiful place. I have traveled all over the country, even to Hawaii, and still feel more awed and inspired by Washington than anywhere else.​The inspiration I feel in my home state is translated into the stories I put out for you all to read. This inspiration can come from anything, be it the solitude of the forest or just watching the snow fall in my back yard. The first thing that really inspired me to write full stories—I had written mostly poetry previous to 2008—was seeing scat while hiking alone. My mind began to wander to wolves in the Cascades—which have since been found—on to those wolves being werewolves.That work, now called the Annan Werewolf Series, was mulled over for a long time and has gone through many transformations before returning to its roots. You can read her story by downloading the first free installment titled, Coming Home here at Smaswords and learn more about that series, and all of my books, by going to my website at: www.roxannefox.netWhen you read any of my stories please remember: I write for adults and I have no editor. With that said, please be kind. If you see mistakes in my stories, send me a message about them ( and don't be surprised when clothes hit the floor and the lights are turned down low... if you know what I mean. Even though you may find some errors while reading, beyond those small mistakes lie worlds full of unique, emotionally driven characters who keep you wanting more.


Amelia and Lucius, A New Love - RoxAnne Fox

Amelia and Lucius,

A New Love

By Roxanne Fox

Published by Roxanne Fox at Smashwords

Copyright 2013 Roxanne Fox

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4


Chapter 1

So, you’re going to be gone all night as well? Disappointment coated Amelia’s words.

I’m sorry honey, I told you I would be working the whole time, but you insisted…

I know, she cut him off and shifted the phone to her right ear, slouching back in the cream toned chair. I insisted on coming. So you put me up in a fancy resort far, far away from you and this conference you are here for.

She heard the deep exhale of air and could picture him pinching the bridge of his nose, much like he did when dealing with a difficult merger. You know it’s not like that, Michael finally said. I told you, I reserved you a private cottage at the nicest resort on the island, right on the beach, with full amenities, because I was going to be working all the time.

Amelia could hear a shuffle of fabric, as though he was packing something or shoving laundry in a hamper. Look I don’t have time for this. He stated, decidedly ending the conversation. I have to get back to the meeting. I’ll call you tomorrow.

The line went dead and Amelia pulled the phone away from her ear to see Michael’s image flash away as the call ended. His perfectly veneered smiling face with its chiseled features , azure gaze, slight creases at the corners of his eyes, and a dimple in the right cheek all framed by perfectly styled chestnut hair was there then gone, much like how he was in their marriage.

Bye, I love you, she said sardonically to the phone before tossing it to the bed on the other side of the room.

Pulling her strawberry blond hair out of its ponytail Amelia kicked of her strappy sandals before standing and stretching. Taking a deep breath she gathered her half full glass of wine from the coffee table in the sitting area before stepping out on the lanai.

Michael was right, the resort was perfect. Everything he said it was. She had perfect privacy, her own piece of the ocean, and could order all the private spa services, fresh gourmet dishes, and expensive wine she wished for, delivered to her room in no time at all. The place was lavish and wonderful.

Of course he had not reserved the cottage for her.

No, this place was reserved well before Amelia insisted on going, weeks before. She originally had no desire of accompanying Michael on his supposed business convention in Honolulu until she saw the reservations for a lover’s cottage booked on the other side of the island. After that she made a big fuss about sunning on the beach and going to luaus, even though she could care less, and never once hinted at knowing about the cottage.

The only thing Amelia cared about was ruining the hideaway for Michael and his whore. She had no idea though that she would have to stay in the suite alone. Of course it was foolish of her to think she could force her own husband to spend his time on the island with her, after all—just like with the cottage—she wasn’t even supposed to know about Nadine.

Just thinking the name of the girl in the coffee shop on the bottom floor of Michael’s office building made Amelia’s skin crawl. She could picture her, five years younger and ten years dumber with high tits and bouncing dark curls wearing low cut snug tops and bending over far too often. At least each time Amelia saw her that was the impression she got.

She sighed deeply.

I’m not going to let it get to me, she thought tipping back her glass to finish it. They really are made for each other after all, ditsy and the dick.

The thought had her quirking her lip as she walked back into the cottage to fetch more wine. Amelia was no ditz. Her and Michael met and married when they were still in college. She had dreams of pursuing a degree in archeology with an emphasis in roman culture while Michael was working on his master’s in business finance. They both earned their masters but Michael asked her to hold off until his career was set to finish her doctrine—which required travel to sites in Europe—but that time never came. Michael always had a new reason she should be at home supporting him—her dreams took a back seat—until finally one day he said she had no need, they had all the money they could ever want so it wasn’t necessary.


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