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Recipes for Dips


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Recipes for Dips

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Recipes for Dips gives you exciting recipes for just about every occasion. Dips can transform lifeless snacks into real objects of desire. You will find forty different recipes for tasty dips that you can add to your party and entertaining repertoire. There are also many suggestions for variations on the recipes so that you can make a whole new range of dips on top of the main ones given.

When you put your new dips out for family, friends or guests you will see your snacks disappear so fast that you will have to go and find some more. Their mouths will water and they will even beg you for the recipes so that they can make the dips for themselves.

The book is arranged into easy dips to get you started and then advanced dips for when you have the confidence to try them. The easy dips can also be made far more quickly. This allows you to put together a party spread real fast.

In addition to the recipes there are also many suggestions for what you should be dipping into your dips. Try out the different dippers to make your food more interesting. With this book you can make yourself the star of your entertaining or just simply the real star of home cooking.

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