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Taking the Shadow Inventory out of the Shadows


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Taking the Shadow Inventory out of the Shadows

Länge: 56 Seiten51 Minuten


‘Taking the Shadow Inventory out of the Shadows’ was written to help educate real estate investors as well as potential fund investors with the incredible opportunities available today, investing in mortgage notes, which traditionally has only been available to institutional investors, until now...

Investing in mortgage notes is an area that very few investors know about or even really have the concept of the full potential it can have on an investment portfolio. There are companies and individual investors that are making amazing profits right now in paper.
One of the keys to success while investing in tumultuous markets is being able to adapt to rapid changes in the markets and seeing where the opportunities lie before everyone else does. One of the most significant changes in the past three years has been an increase in mortgage default rates resulting in an increase in foreclosures. Banks are facing massive foreclosure volumes and they have become incapable of working out those loans due to the shear volume of the defaults. Banks are becoming more than willing to sell those loans to increase their liquidity thereby creating an increased supply of notes for sale in the market.
If mortgage notes are not in your portfolio, then you are missing out on one of the biggest investment opportunities in your lifetime.

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