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A Second Different Look At Weight Loss

A Second Different Look At Weight Loss

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A Second Different Look At Weight Loss

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Aug 8, 2013


We’ve all been told and told that exercise is important for our weight loss and health. With enthusiasm and the best of intentions we start an exercise program. With most of us this lasts as long as the novelty lasts and/or something happens to distract us. We then stop our exercise program.

This is the on-going pattern with most of us throughout our lives.

In this book we look at another way of handling exercise. Picture by picture, step by step, we look through a microscope and see for ourselves what happens with our cells and our molecules that cause us to lose weight and improve our health when we move/exercise.

With this PROOF, conviction now sets in and with it SELF-EMPOWERMENT and the ability to always make a plan and keep up some forms of movement/exercise.

Aug 8, 2013

Über den Autor

From my vantage point as a teacher, writer and ex-sufferer, I see the problems with weight loss and illnesses coming, not from us, but from the way we're taught. We're given programs to follow with do or don't instructions which we're expected to just accept and follow. If how's and why's are present, they're vague. An example: Eat vegetables. They'll help you lose weight. We do obey for a while, and we do lose weight. But when the novelty passes and/or something happens to distract us, most of us go back to what we were eating before. What we need are quick and easy-to-read how's and why's PROVING what we're being told. They should also be in picture form so that we can actually VISUALIZE the proof. When this happens, we develop SELF-EMPOWERMENT. We're then able to devise strategies and carry out instructions on weight loss and illnesses permanently. The short, quick read books that I've recently published use this picture form method of teaching. There is though a problem. Proof and self-empowerment in weight loss and health are new concepts to most of us. So, I suggest a first - step introduction. The account of how I, a typical, non-medical member of the public, came to use self-empowerment to be able to permanently follow programs and permanently lose weight and vastly improve my health: HOW I LOST WEIGHT AND GAINED HEALTH THROUGH SELF-EMPOWERMENT To put it in a nutshell, I’m a regular wife, mother and teacher, who most of her life (I’m now 67), sometimes won and mostly lost battles against the forces of weight gain and health loss. It could be about 15 years ago that I was given the name of a book – I don’t remember its title – which I borrowed from a library – now no longer in existence – but which remains embedded in my memory as: The Book That Opened Up A Whole New World To Me. With growing amazement, I read in that book, that when we eat a food with sugar (molecules!) in it, insulin (molecules!) dart hither and thither inside us doing the most wondrous of things to these sugar molecules. AND THAT THESE MINISCULE BITS AND PIECES VIRTUALLY CONTROL OUR WEIGHT AND HEALTH!! Shortly thereafter I saw a doctor, told him a bit of what I’d read and then asked him - I can still hear my words as if it happened yesterday, "Geoff, is it true? Of course, he verified it. What to me, without any medical training, was A WORLD OF THE MICROSCOPE! A WONDER OF WONDERS! was to him with his medical training, just things you take for granted. The fascination of looking through a microscope at cells and molecules didn’t fade. It grew stronger and stronger as the years passed. I did constant research and saw for myself more and more through-the-microscope-proofs of what I was being told about weight loss and health. I developed conviction and self-empowerment. I was able to permanently follow my programs and began an on-going process of gradually introducing improvements. Without much effort, I gradually lost weight AND FOR THE FIRST TME IN MY LIFE I DIDN'T PUT ANY BACK ON AGAIN! Nor was my weight the only thing that changed. My physical and mental health kept improving and for the first time in my life, I kept up exercises permanently. Then one day, a thought suddenly struck me: “There are so many people out there who would also like to know what you know about self-empowerment and cells and molecules.” That was the beginning of a series of eight books on weight loss and illnesses like high blood pressure, heart attacks, diabetes and cancer. Each book is in picture form, like the comics and can be read in about 10 minutes. The books should be read in order as each book is designed to take the reader a step further in the process of acquiring more knowledge and with it, more conviction and self-empowerment. The medical details in all the books are checked by Dr Nishan Pillay MBBCh (WITS). The 1st book in the series is called A DIFFERENT LOOK AT WEIGHT LOSS. The 2nd book in the series is called A SECOND DIFFERENT LOOK AT WEIGHT LOSS etc. . . . .

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A Second Different Look At Weight Loss - Shoshanah Niselow





SHOSHANAH NISELOW - teacher, writer, ex-sufferer




helps us make our fat cells smaller (lose weight).

A Second Different Look at Weight Loss

Copyright © 2013 Shoshanah Niselow and Dr Nishan Pillay

Cover design by: Linda Rensburg

Smashwords edition

ONE WAY OF LOSING WEIGHT is by just doing what we’re told.

Our professionals tell us what to eat and what not to eat.

Even though most of us don’t understand why they’re telling us these things, we faithfully do as they say and if the eating plan is medically correct, we do lose weight.

But this only lasts for as long as the novelty lasts and nothing happens to distract us.

Most of us then go back to eating what we used to eat.

ANOTHER WAY OF LOSING WEIGHT is by seeing proof of what we’re told.

We then develop a compelling sense of CONVICTION AND SELF-EMPOWERMENT

which enables us to eat and do what our professionals are telling us all or most of the time ...


Like the contents of A Different Look At Weight Loss, so too are the contents of A Second Different Look At Weight Loss in action-story form.

To understand these content headings, one should first be familiar with the first book and then one should have read this book from the beginning.



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