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Apocalypse 2073 (Volume 2) "Darkness Falls"

Apocalypse 2073 (Volume 2) "Darkness Falls"

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Apocalypse 2073 (Volume 2) "Darkness Falls"

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Aug 14, 2013


The Apocalypse – Doomsday – Armageddon. It had been called so many things, always an ever-present possibility in the back of mankind’s collective psyche. Our story begins in the far distant future; Erin Conyers suspended in animation for over 52 years, further out in space than any had ever been. Ten years prior to the catastrophe that changed the face of the planet, mankind had been forewarned by an unknown intelligence of an impending disaster. One of the relatively few to survive, these are her remembrances of those very dark days, when the world collapsed in a hail of nuclear destruction occurring on an unimaginable scale.

Aug 14, 2013

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Apocalypse 2073 (Volume 2) "Darkness Falls" - Parker James

Apocalypse 2073

(Volume 2)

Darkness Falls

By Parker James

Volume 2 In The 3-Part

Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Series

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © by Parker James 2013

ISBN Number: 9781301656547

Published by Parker James

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

"Time serves no man.

Make of it what you will

in the time allotted."

(The Alien Message Received In the Year 2064)

Table of Contents

Episode 10: Nuclear Holocaust

Episode 11: Darkness Falls

Episode 12: Aftermath

Episode 13: Damage Control

Episode 14: Restoration

Episode 15: Crisis

Episode 16: Truth Be Told

Episode 10: Nuclear Holocaust

Perhaps it was the timing that was coincidental, but just as this scene began to unfold Erin had awoken from her surgery, minor though it was. The first thing she asked Veronica was, Where are my parents?

Veronica had been at Erin’s side throughout her latest ordeal after speaking with Anya and answered simply.

They’re in a very important meeting right now and wanted to be here but couldn’t get away; they didn’t have a choice. Your mom and dad asked me to look after you and make sure you were ok. By the way, my name is Veronica; my dad was with you in the helicopter ride. He was the older gentlemen in the uniform.

Hi Veronica, my name is Erin. I like your dad; he seems like a nice man. He was kind to me. I liked the other one too; he helped me when I was first hurt.

Oh, Veronica replied. You mean Major Hastings. He and my dad have been friends for a very long time. He used to come to my birthday parties when I was your age.

Veronica was surprised Erin was so coherent just having come out of anesthesia. It almost seemed like she was asleep one moment and wide awake the next. It occurred to her that this little young girl, seemingly so fragile, had an unusual inner strength. Perhaps it was one of the benefits of youth, Veronica thought. She simply had no idea this young one who she suddenly cared so much about would one day have the entire future of mankind within her hands.

Yes, I think so too. I’ve heard you had very tough day, your parents told me a lot about you. The doctor said that you’re going to be just fine. If you’d like I’ll go tell them that you’re ok; they’re very worried. Would you like me to do that?

Yes, Veronica, I’d like that very much. I know how much they worry about me. Would you mind?

Of course not, little one. I’ll go tell them right away and be back quicker than a wink. How’s that sound?

Ok, Veronica, Erin replied. Thank you.

Veronica for some reason leaned over and squeezed Erin’s hand hoping to reassure her, and with that she headed straight towards her father who was with the Conyers’ and President Andrews in the Control Room. She was completely unaware of what was currently happening; she had a task to do and was single minded in that endeavor on behalf of the child who was now within her care. It wasn’t more than a minute after leaving the hospital that she arrived at the Control Room only to find four rather intimidating Secret Service Agents on guard at the door. Each one had a deadly serious expression on their face as the one closest to her approached and completely blocked her path by his sheer presence while the other three agents looked on. She suddenly found herself facing 225 pounds of brick wall. It was the twentieth Level of Bunker Site 1, with the highest degree of security. Despite her presence on Level 20 indicating that she was permitted to be there, they still weren’t taking any chances. The agents weren’t privileged to know what was occurring within the Control Room, but their mission was to guard that door at all costs, even at the expense of sacrificing their own lives. And that one task was their single minded mission.

I’m sorry ma’am, no one is allowed to enter the Control Room at this time, the rather beefy suited agent said in a deceivingly polite manner. It wasn’t so much stated as a question but more so as an unyielding certainty. Veronica knew very well what a dire situation they were all facing but was as of yet unaware that large-scale nuclear war had just broken out. She was on a mission of her own, and using the only option available to her tried to throw her weight around by using her father’s name in the hope of making the Conyers’ aware that their daughter was awake and had come out of the surgery just fine. Switching gears she put on her authoritative voice.

Agent, my name is Veronica McCreary; General McCreary’s daughter. It is extremely important that I get a message to him.

The agent knew very well who General McCreary was and the simple fact that this was his daughter did carry some weight. He looked over towards his superior for guidance. Agent Phillips approached Veronica.

Ma’am, with all due respect, no one, and I mean no one enters this room.

Veronica was at a loss for words and changing tact asked Phillips, Would it be permitted that I give him a written note? It’s imperative.

Agent Phillips thought for a moment, and only because Veronica was the daughter of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs decided to allow it. Without saying a word he walked over to a nearby table and opened a drawer, pulling out a small pad and pencil. He returned to Veronica and silently handed them to her.

Veronica thought quickly and wrote the following words; Mrs. Conyers. Erin is wide awake and aok. Don’t worry; she’s more worried about you. I’ll stay with her as long as it takes until you’re able to see her. Awaiting your reply. She signed her name to the note and gently folded it over; addressing it to General McCreary, sincerely hoping that it would do the trick. She then handed the note to Agent Phillips who immediately unfolded it and read the words she’d written. Phillips first inclination was not to allow the General to be disturbed, feeling that the information was not of sufficient importance. However, being that this was the General’s daughter he decided to allow it. Walking over to the door of the Control Room he knocked gently, one of the two agents inside the room answering. Phillips handed him the note. The agent inside didn’t read it, knowing that his superior had allowed it to pass through that very important door and immediately approached the General. McCreary was glued to the monitor and simply opened the note despite the total concentration required on the matter at hand. The President glanced at McCreary as he did so, wondering if it required his attention. McCreary pointed to the Conyers’, directing the agent to give them the note. President Andrews, trusting McCreary allowed it by default.

Mitch and Anya read Veronica’s note with a great sense of relief, Anya scribbling a brief reply. Veronica, thank you so very much. Unable to leave at this time. Thank you for watching over Erin. Will be there as soon as possible. Anya quickly signed it and gave it back to the agent who first handed it to General McCreary. Reading it quickly McCreary simply said two words; Ok. He wanted no relevant information about what was occurring to leave the room but also thought it better that the Conyers’ give 100% of their undivided attention to the war unfolding before them without having to worry about their daughter’s well-being. They would soon play an integral part in future events, and having been associated with them for these many years took pity upon them.

The Secret Service Agent returned to the door with Anya’s reply and gave it to Phillips who was patiently waiting outside. There wasn’t any need to read it; he knew it had already been approved by the General and handed the note to Veronica. Opening it quickly she read Anya’s reply. After thanking the agent profusely Veronica headed back to the hospital and looked after Erin as if she were her own and would continue to

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