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Apocalypse 2073 (Volume 3) "Redemption"

Apocalypse 2073 (Volume 3) "Redemption"

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Apocalypse 2073 (Volume 3) "Redemption"

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Aug 14, 2013


The Apocalypse – Doomsday – Armageddon. It had been called so many things, always an ever-present possibility in the back of mankind’s collective psyche. Our story begins in the far distant future; Erin Conyers suspended in animation for over 52 years, further out in space than any had ever been. Ten years prior to the catastrophe that changed the face of the planet forever, mankind had been forewarned by an unknown intelligence of an impending disaster. One of the relatively few to survive, these are her remembrances of those very dark days, when the world collapsed in a hail of nuclear destruction occurring on an unimaginable scale.

Aug 14, 2013

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Apocalypse 2073 (Volume 3) "Redemption" - Parker James

Apocalypse 2073

(Volume 3)


By Parker James

Volume 3 In The 3-Part

Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Series

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © by Parker James 2013

ISBN Number: 9781301824007

Published by Parker James

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

"Time serves no man.

Make of it what you will

in the time allotted."

(The Alien Message Received In the Year 2064)

Table of Contents

Episode 17: Grindstone

Episode 18: The Dome

Episode 19: Descent

Episode 20: Sanctuary

Episode 21: First Contact

Episode 22: Surface Recon

Episode 23: Ultimatum

Episode 24: Ceasefire


Episode 17: Grindstone

Linda was pleasantly surprised when she had awoken the following morning to the smell of freshly cooking breakfast, despite the fact that it wasn’t quite yet six am. She rolled over only to find her husband’s side of the bed empty but still warm. She hadn’t quite acclimated herself to military time. Her husband, the President, apparently had woken before her and decided to prepare the family meal himself. Although she had been restless throughout the night, her husband had seemingly slept like a rock. It apparently had done him well. Very well, in fact. The Presidential quarters despite being sparse compared to the other quarters within the bunker system were relatively spacious, having all of the required amenities; kitchenette included. However, they seemed Spartan to say the least compared to those of the White House. The bunker system and sheer number of people contained within it simply did not allow for luxuries, be they simple or not. However, being that this was the First Family certain amenities were included, space requirements aside. The new Oval Office was in reality larger than their personal quarters and it somehow reminded Linda of their first apartment together all those many years ago. They had initially struggled; she just beginning her career as a lawyer while Jason had decided to enlist in the Air Force for a period of six years after they were first married during their final year in college together. Washington after all was a very expensive city to live in, especially with both of them just starting out in their chosen careers. Despite the country being in the early stages of a continued downfall and prior administrations’ efforts they plugged along with only each other to count on, always hoping for a brighter future. Today would be no different.

The smell of breakfast cooking had also woken their two children, Marissa and Rebecca, who suddenly seemed to appear out of nowhere and began jumping up and down on their mother’s bed.

What’s for breakfast, mommy? Rebecca asked.

Linda rolled over, still half asleep.

Go ask your father, she replied. Mission accomplished, she thought to herself as they dashed into the other room, Linda wishing for just five more minutes of undisturbed sleep. They didn’t have to run very far.

What’s for breakfast, daddy? they asked as they arrived in the small but functional kitchenette, similarly seeming to appear out of nowhere.

Well now, let’s see; what’s your favorite? the President replied. Although he was the President of the United States, or what was now left of it, the Commander-in-Chief of a country and virtually an entire planet devastated by a nuclear holocaust not 48 hours earlier, for this one single moment he was a father once again. It seemed like old times, the family falling back into their normal routine.

Bacon and eggs, daddy, bacon and eggs! You know that! Marissa chastised him. He should have known such things, she thought. He must be slipping.

Very well then, bacon and eggs it is. He already knew what their answer would be and was in the process of preparing that very meal.

Would you please be kind enough to wake your mother? he asked them politely. Breakfast is almost ready.

Ok, daddy, Marissa replied as both she and Rebecca again ran into the other room to gather up their mother; time was of the essence. Yet soon the breakfast and sense of normalcy would be over and the President and his ever present shadow, Agent Phillips, who had now taken over the first shift, were soon on their way to the Oval Office for yet another day of problem solving and decision making. As they arrived Margaret was already sitting at her desk. President Andrews didn’t need to ask; she immediately rose and handed him his cup of coffee before he had even gotten near the door to his inner sanctum.

Your schedule for today is on the desk, Sir, she added.

Thank you, Margaret, he replied. Would you please go through the records of those within the Primary Bunker and I’d like you to pick out several candidates to assist you with your duties. Interview and hiring will be at your discretion, but I ask that you hire three individuals with prior and extensive executive experience. I would like you personally to be on the morning shift while I am here with the others manning your desk the remainder of the day; 24/7. If you feel any additional personnel are needed I’ll leave that up to you. Oh, and Margaret he added as an afterthought, please make certain that they know how to properly prepare a decent pot of coffee."

Margaret smiled at the President’s stab at humor, most certainly under the circumstances. Yet he also had a great deal planned for today, having made many decisions during the many scenarios playing out within his mind throughout the prior evening despite what seemed to his wife Linda a very deep sleep. His mind was working like a computer; apparently Professor Enghult was rubbing off on him.

I’ll get right on it, Mr. President, she replied, glad to have the desperately needed assistance. He seemed to her both refreshed and completely prepared for yet another difficult day of serious decision making. It was 7am upon his arrival and soon the first of the three daily conferences with the Joint Chiefs and Bunker Site Commanders would begin. The President had already made his main plans for the day, the most pressing matters on his mind were his meetings with the Conyers’ following the conference and that with Dr. Wilkins at 1000 hours regarding the hydroponic food production program. The other events that would transpire had already been determined during his Presidential Address the prior evening and would occur within the Atriums in each of the 20 bunkers. Andrews glanced at his schedule quickly taking just fifteen minutes to unwind before heading to the control room. There were two other matters that he wanted to address and planned on arriving well in advance of the meeting, but for the moment he decided to take that brief period of pure peace and quiet before he began his day. Upon departing he stood at Margaret’s desk having decided on a change of plans.

Margaret, would you please contact the Conyers’, Dr. Pearson, and Dr. Wilkins. Have the Conyers’ and Dr. Pearson meet us here in the conference room adjoining the Oval Office at 0800. I’m moving this morning’s meeting from the control room to here. Advise Dr. Wilkins in hydroponics that he will participate via video. Also, if you wouldn’t mind advise the Joint Chiefs that the conference has been relocated as well. I’ll advise the Bunker Site Commanders myself from the control room. If the situation changes and we again relocate the conference back to the control room I’ll notify you shortly.

Most certainly, Mr. President, Margaret replied.

Margaret had been reviewing possible candidates to assist her in her duties and didn’t question the President’s motives for his sudden change in plans. She immediately stopped what she was doing and quickly got on the phone with the civilian parties and notified them of the change of location for this morning’s meeting. The Joint Chiefs were notified en-masse via her handheld by text. And with that Andrews was off to the control room to survey the situation first hand. As expected upon his arrival Generals’ McCreary and Rodriguez had manned the control room throughout the evening. Veronica was also there as well as Professor Enghult in addition to four control room staff members. It was almost 0720 now, enough time for the President to accomplish what he had in mind in the control room where the group would then remove themselves to the conference room adjoining the Oval Office for the group meeting at 0800.

At ease, gentlemen, the President said upon entering. Anything to report? General Rodriguez, who had been delegated the responsibility for security within the entire 20 bunkers spoke first.

Sir, I’ve been monitoring the security situation within all of the bunkers throughout the evening and I would categorize the situation as somber yet well contained. Dr. Pearson’s medical staff has been attending to those overly distraught, mostly through medication and grief counseling. There have been no serious medical issues to speak of or any security issues of significance. Father Emmet took it upon himself to hold multi-denominational prayer services wherever he could find the room. Most of our citizens have retired to their quarters; it’s been a long night for them. Sir, all is well.

Very good, General.

The President then turned to General McCreary.

Phil, has there been any indication of contact with NORAD whatsoever through either the drone fleet or satellite network?

No, Mr. President, not as of yet, McCreary replied. Our shielded surface monitors have picked up no signs of approaching aerial vehicles or satellite communications. Visibility topside is sketchy at best, there’s a tremendous amount of debris in the air but we’re also picking up increased levels of radiation. That would be indicative of probable multiple nuclear blasts occurring after we lost communication with NORAD. Our sensors have also been picking up a dramatic drop in the surface temperature; perhaps five degrees Fahrenheit currently with further surface cooling expected.

McCreary waited a brief moment should the President continue his line of questioning. Andrews paused, allowing McCreary to continue but the implications of what the General had just told him were quite clear. McCreary went on to a seemingly more mundane matter.

Sir, I have those papers prepared that you asked for regarding Veronica’s draft status and security clearance. They’re ready for your approval and signature. May I ask what title she is to hold?

Civilian Consultant; Engineering Department under the direct supervision of Professor Enghult, was the President’s response. As the General added the information to the document and handed it to the President, Professor Enghult looked up from his console and although he had some questions on the matter he kept them to himself. Andrews signed the papers in the appropriate location and then made a pencil notation initializing it as he did so. McCreary was quite surprised when the papers were handed back to him. The President had crossed out Security Level Four and penciled in Security Level Six. The highest security level was seven, reserved only for the President himself. The only others who held security level six were the Vice President, the Secretaries’ of Defense and State, General Meehan, the Joint Chiefs collectively, and under the circumstances Professor Enghult. Dr. Wilkins in Hydroponics only held security level five. McCreary didn’t question the President’s motivation and responded simply.

Sir, I’ll have the appropriate security access to all computerized records implemented immediately.

Thank you, General, the President replied. Veronica looked at her father somewhat quizzically, having picked up on his subtle yet noticeable surprise upon seeing the President’s added notation. President Andrews then turned to Professor Enghult.

Professor, where do we stand on the inspection and repair efforts on the power generation units?

Well, Mr. President, I’ve done a final walk-thru inspection on the power generation unit in Bunker Site 1 and I believe that we are completely ready for restart upon your approval. I see no detectable damage to any of the operating systems nor do our diagnostics indicate otherwise. Whenever you wish we may proceed immediately.

And will there be any noticeable effects within the bunker related to the transition from battery power to the primary power system?

No, Mr. President. The transition will be seamless. The lights won’t even flicker.

Good, Andrews responded. I don’t want our people to have anything else to worry about at the moment. And the other four generation units?

The situation is similar, Sir. Inspection and diagnostics indicate all units are fully prepared for restart. The only repairs that were required were in the bunker unit discussed earlier and it turned out to be a relatively minor repair to the cooling system. The crews have done their own visual inspections twice and all indications are that all units are 100%. However, I agree fully with your decision to proceed with restart on a staggered basis should any situations arise.

Very well then, Professor. Both you and I shall do a final inspection following this morning’s conference and we’ll schedule restart of the power generation unit within this bunker for 2400 hours when all is quiet. Miss McCreary will be accompanying us.

The President would explain his reasons for Veronica’s inclusion on the final inspection shortly, but for now Gearhart had no intention whatsoever of questioning him or his reasons for doing so.

Very well then, Mr. President.

Andrews again turned to General McCreary.

General, I am relocating the 0800 morning meeting to the conference room adjoining the Oval Office. All parties involved have already been notified except the Bunker Site Commanders. Would you kindly advise them of that fact?

Forthwith, Mr. President, McCreary replied as he simultaneously advised all of them with one simple text.

General Rodriguez, you are to remain in the control room and participate in the conference from this location as you continue to monitor the security situation within the other bunkers.

President Andrews then turned to Professor Enghult.

Professor, will you and Veronica please accompany me in the adjoining conference room?

General McCreary’s eyes rose slightly at the President’s request. He wasn’t quite sure what President Andrews had in mind but like the Professor didn’t question it. Professor Enghult and Veronica rose from their chairs and followed the President into the small meeting room as each took a seat as the President closed the door behind them. Andrews began to explain his reason for calling them into this private meeting with one simple question specifically directed to Professor Enghult.

Professor, did you enjoy teaching prior to your association with the military branch of the government?

Very much, Mr. President.

That’s good. We have a great deal to accomplish today so I’ll make this as brief as possible. Our morning conference is to begin shortly and I would like both of you to attend. The President then turned to Veronica who was sitting quietly. This would not be a question and answer session. Although the situation and circumstances of the war didn’t dictate it, the President was mindful of Professor Enghult’s accomplishments and potential blow to his ego and would incorporate that knowledge into his following words.

Veronica, if you’re curious about those documents and your father’s response it is because I’ve raised your security clearance from level four to level six, effective immediately. This is the same security clearance held by Professor Enghult. I have gone through your records and find them quite impressive. If we are to survive this catastrophe it is imperative that we do so collectively. You are to be directly under the supervision of Professor Enghult, who will be responsible for continuing your education. He is to impart any and all knowledge of the bunker system and designs down to the minutest details.

Veronica had no response other than Yes, Mr. President. As she attempted to absorb what had just been asked of her President Andrews had already turned to meet Professor Enghult’s eyes directly.

Professor. If what I suspect is true in all likelihood there are very few if any survivors left upon the surface of this planet. Without your efforts and accomplishments in all probability the human race would have been literally wiped out. You, Sir, are indispensable. If anything were ever to happen to you I believe all would be lost. You are keen on redundancies, but with the current and continued requirements that we are presented with you are also human. I have many responsibilities as do you, and I find that it would be impossible for me without assistance. Despite your abilities I have determined that you too are faced with the same dilemma as am I, although I’d be hard pressed to tell. Do you agree with what I am asking of you?

Gearhart’s initial feelings towards the matter were indeed somewhat of a blow to his ego, but the President through his very pointed words had subtly disarmed him and he felt himself suddenly in agreement. If anything the Professor could not argue with logic, in fact he was somewhat flattered. And so he responded in like kind.

I do, Mr. President. That was

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