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Death By Degrees (Detective Lincoln Munroe, Book 3)


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Death By Degrees (Detective Lincoln Munroe, Book 3)

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"He was an adversary to be feared, that much I knew, and I couldn't help but think I'd met my Moriarty."

A simple e-mail; short, sweet and to the point: a victim’s name, GPS coordinates, and the fact that the body will be found in a shallow grave. Addressed to Detective Lincoln Munroe, OPP Homicide, and signed with the killer’s name and address, the e-mail is found - with help from an unexpected source - to be one of sixty-four, all nearly identical and sent to police services around the world.

Lincoln finds himself recruited by Interpol - along with a few of his coworkers - to track down an international serial killer who is convinced he’ll never be stopped and who will do anything to prove that he can’t be. In a global game of cat-and-mouse, one question remains: who’s hunting whom?

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