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God's Wisdon in My Reflections

God's Wisdon in My Reflections

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God's Wisdon in My Reflections

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Aug 26, 2013


This is a collection of stories, where God began to reveal Himself to me, even before I had faith in Him. As I grew in God's knowlege,I was shown some very interesting ways that God can get our attention. The lessons that He has taught me, could be revealed right away or even years down the road. He has some very unique and awesome ways to teach us, and at times even humor as well. My desire is to share with everyone what He has done for me, and the way that He chose to do it. As always...I give Him the glory in all things, and I can only hope that this might help you see more of Him in your life through this book of stories about me.

Aug 26, 2013

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God's Wisdon in My Reflections - Noreen Knowles

God’s Wisdom

In my


Noreen M. Knowles

Copyright 2013 Noreen M. Knowles

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Chapter 1

A visitation from My Dad…September 1963

Chapter 2

How did this happen?

Chapter 3

What happened in 1994 when a pier in my hometown got famous

Chapter 4

This is a little harder to understand

Chapter 5

When my Mother passed away, this is the announcement I sent to the ones she asked me to contact

Chapter 6

This is a dream of Gerald’s

Chapter 7

The girls class begun

Chapter 8

Separate yourselves and listen to God

Chapter 9

Have you seen the hand of God today?

Chapter 10

Are the red/green light Important to you and What is God wanting You to learn?

Chapter 11

Something my son Tim wrote And I wanted to add it in my book

* * *


This is a book of what the lord led me through, along with my husband, and is still showing me what to do with His Word in my life. I don’t profess to be anything other than someone the Lord can use in any way He chooses. Many things I have learned over a long period of time, others I have learned the hard way and some have been learned by, God gently telling me what to do. Some were learned with humor. I don’t profess to say I knew always what was going on but over time, I was given knowledge to understand what was given me recently or what I learned over the long period of time.

If what I have learned, and by writing it down and sharing with others, someone can learn what God wants them to know at a given time, then it’s worth all of my time writing, relaying, or telling in anyway the things that God has shown me through the years.

Go with the Lord and pay attention to what He is wanting you to learn. Listen to what I have learned over many years and then put what you can use from my experiences to use in your life. If only one item helps one person, it is worth it all.


I had been reading Luke 14:28-35 when these thoughts came to me.

Old age…sifting out your love of Love

Do you give up family and friends if they refuse to serve God? How much do you want to be God’s disciple? Is it our time to choose? What is more important? Yes we want our family there but they must choose for themselves. Maybe even at a later date but our time is precious and we must decide where we want to be now. Separate ourselves from their confusion and lack of searching out God so it won’t be a hindrance to us. Yes! Tell them, remind them and live before them but never let our guard down and join them in the wrong way to live.

* * *

Chapter 1

A visitation from My Dad…September 1963

When they said my Dad had cancer, I don’t think I fully understood what would happen. My Dad was only in his early forties and no one had been seriously ill in our family, so, why should I worry now. The doctor said they had gotten all the cancer during surgery and in the next couple of years we learned to doubt the man a lot. It got to the point that Dad was offered some experimental treatments for cancer research as he was getting worse. The treatment were F-U5 gas injected into his bloodstream, it was the for-runner for chemotherapy. Interesting eh?

Still I did not believe that we would lose my Dad and I went about my life. It wasn’t the wisest choices that I was making at the time but like

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