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Jive Chalkin

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Brenda writes in a comedic fashion.
Some people have no idea of what they want to do in life. Brenda Henry wanted to be a teacher, but she repeated a couple grades, graduated high school at 19 and worked 20 secretarial jobs, where she learned skills such as time management, consistency, flexibility and team work. Inspired by her high school counselor, she returned to university as a mature student, acquired her teaching credentials with honors and began teaching in a variety of Quebec public schools. Jive Chalkin is a comedic memoir that throws open the doors of today's public school system. Written in a personal, rapid-fire style, Brenda shares the unique strategies she used to create a caring, industrious classroom environment, where she worked to build relationships with her students, based on their individual strengths. Teaching is not a hobby or fluff job. It's a passion, based on a life of continued curiosity. Teaching can be exciting, painful, horrifying and satisfying, all at the same time.

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