How to Be a Part Time Property Millionaire


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How to Be a Part Time Property Millionaire

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Today’s complex real estate marketplace requires a focused and segmented approach to buying real estate that will have profitable outcomes. Investors are making up more of the market share of real estate transactions than ever before, so it’s time you joined the action!

In this book, property millionaire Sam Saggers will not only expand on real estate investment strategies, but will also provide insights into the psychology and philosophy of real estate millionaires. This is an invaluable resource to anyone wishing to take the next step and be a property millionaire.

You will learn:
- What mindset investors hold
- How to translate real estate fundamentals into real wealth
- A step-by-step approach to understanding the moving parts of the real estate market
- The various different wealth creation strategies through property
- How to use tax effectively
- How to buy using your superannuation fund
- How to analyse real estate at a glance
- Buying myths

Whether you are buying real estate for the first time or the fortieth time, or whether you are just starting out or nearing retirement, this book will change the way you look at real estate. How to Be a Part-Time Property Millionaire is your ultimate guide to cracking the code of what makes a great property investor. With a sensible and easy-to-follow approach, Sam Saggers gives you a path for your wealth creation journey. After reading this book, you will have the tools to also become a property investment millionaire.

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