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Feeling the Unthinkable, Vol. 4: Power of the Pen - Iconoclasts to the Rescue

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Amador Publishers, LLC is proud to release Feeling the Unthinkable, Essays on Social Justice by Donald Gutierrez in a 4-volume collection of e-books for ease of reading and reference. Each of the four volumes follows exactly its corresponding Part in the print edition. Each e-volume is introduced with relevant excerpts from the Author's original Introduction to the consolidated print edition.

Volume 4 "Power of the Pen - Iconoclasts to the Rescue" poses the humanities and spirited iconoclasts and dissidents such as Howard Zinn, Edward Abbey, D. H. Lawrence, and the humane, empathic sensibility of poets, as significant forces against the massive social evil and the indifference to others besetting the contemporary world. Humanist values suggest an aperture in the darkness offering light, hope, creative energy, individual integrity and humane sociability from which community could bit by bit - or even suddenly - evolve.

"Surely there is no more astute and sensitive observer of our political culture than Don Gutierrez. Whether eloquently decrying torture, our prison system or the failure of society to engage the humane wisdom of poets in matters of democracy and justice, Don is a prophet and also a historian and philosopher.... Gutierrez' collection of essays and book reviews resonates with the literate indignation of time-honored heroes like Kant, Rousseau and Chomsky. .... He is a gentle man, but mightily pissed by the representatives of the Dark Side. Don sees liberty's oxygen being squeezed by media-induced, corporate stupidity which is turning the scholar-citizens of Franklin, Postman and Socrates into the soma-guzzling robots of Huxley. This is definitely a treasure for the thoughtful." --Bob McCannon, founder, Action Coalition for Media Education

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