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Inspiration: The Journey of a Lifetime


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Inspiration: The Journey of a Lifetime

Länge: 146 Seiten1 Stunde


The word 'Inspiration' derives from Latin and literally means to: "Breathe in and be filled with spirit of the gods". It refers to any influence that drives one to inhale, enliven and animate oneself in a way to infuse this sensation of 'supernatural influence' and experience 'spiritual motivation' as a result, and this could be said to be 'inspiration'. Inspiration impels artistic creation, spiritual illumination and endurance of the soul.

This book is about the exploration and finding of inspiration in life in many corners of the soul. It is about knowing where others have found inspiration, even when there seems to be no hope. It also is about finding the light of inspiration, and sharing it with others to build a brighter tomorrow.

In this book you will discover the following:

- How does one find inspiration when they seem to have lost it?
- Where does one find new ideas?
- How can artists re-inspire themselves?
- Where has mankind for ages found inspiration?
- What is the benefit of inspiring others?
- How can pursuing inspiration in daily life illuminate one's outlook on life?
- How does one find inspiration, even in bad times?
- What is the relationship between imagination and inspiration?

This book is designed to inspire you to take on the challenges of achieving your goals and open new doors that will help you 'breathe in the spirit of the gods' in your life for real, and realize that you are capable or more than you have allowed yourself to consider possible. It is about finding your dreams and realizing them.

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