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App Success Stories: 8 Success Stories from Developers Who Beat the Odds!


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App Success Stories: 8 Success Stories from Developers Who Beat the Odds!

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Whether you’re a designer, a developer, or an entrepreneur, App Success Stories shares the secrets of success, from coming up with the great idea to executing it. App Success Stories takes you through a broad and diverse range of success stories from indie developers to small and midsize app development firms in iOS, Android and Windows. This nontechnical, easy-to-follow guide walks you through 8 real world examples to inspire those looking to hit it big. The following chapters provide insight on improving your chances to release a best selling app.

The following developers have beat the odds and are in the top 20% of developers that have reached over 60,000 downloads (some reaching in the millions) within weeks of their launch. These are the developers behind award-winning apps such as Overkill 2, Cannon Crasha, Boom Boom Hamster Golf, Fling Theory, Survival Race, Memorylage, Toy Store Delivery, and Sudoku Quest. One trait ALL these successful developers share is their support for the PreApps solution that assisted in providing them with early stage traction and exposure and that positioned their apps for success. App Success Stories delivers advice on the most necessary qualities your app must have to achieve success.

What You’ll Learn:

⎯ Discover the secrets of success from developers that beat the odds in iOS, Android, and Windows.
⎯ Learn marketing strategies that few developers know.
⎯ Discover the secrets to why some apps hit it big and why others don’t.
⎯ Get insights on the mobile app industry and lessons learned from the pros.
⎯ Receive a mobile marketing checklist created by the experts.
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