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Alexia Eden

Alexia Eden

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Alexia Eden

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Dec 10, 2013


I was brought up with a picture-perfect family and the life to match. I believed all those happy-ever-after stories momma read to me and the Fairytales she would whisper before bedtime about my Prince Charming finding me one day. Momma found daddy so it was only inevitable I found my prince too, right?

Tragedy strikes before Lexi's 16th birthday and the flawless life she once knew is shattered and tarnished.

Everyone and everything changes, she decides the only way to survive is to keep all her emotions under lock and not let anyone in. She loses friends, the very ones that were by her side most of her life are now the ones bullying her and making her life hell.

She's forced to relocate to a small secluded town, little does she know that the town is run by werewolves. Her first night in town she befriends a brown wolf in the woods. Seeking solace in the comfort of the wolf she tells him all her secrets knowing the animal cant betray her or pity her like humans do. One night at a bar she runs into a gorgeous guy named Jax, she’s under the impression he’s human but in fact he’s the soon to be Alpha of the towns pack. Jax immediately feels a connection to her and she feels the same way.

A bond forms...

What will happen when the brown wolf from the woods enters the picture his human form? Will she recognize him? What will happen to Lexi and Jax? Will Lexi’s trust in her friends remain after all the secrets are revealed? Will she accept the fact that her best friends are werewolves and there’s a secret world out there? Will Lexi reveal her secrets? Something she’s ashamed to admit and something that could put them in danger.

While she hides her feelings for one of the wolves, she falls madly in love with the other, thinking that her mother was right after all - she’s found her prince charming, tragedy will strike once again.

How will she mend her broken heart this time?

***Please note***
This book contains violence as well as alcohol and drug abuse. It is not for the faint hearted, don't expect to see werewolves running free and frolicking in meadows filled with daisies - want a romantic werewolf/human love story? Then look elsewhere because this is not the book for you. It's raw, gritty and exactly what you would expect from obsessive possessive Alpha's. Want a challenge? Read it.

Dec 10, 2013

Über den Autor

I kept my writing a secret for so long, not wanting anyone to know about this passion of mine but eventually all those stories needed to be put on paper (or online in my case), I wanted others to enjoy these carefully crafted characters and to possibly get a glimpse into my imagination. The first book I released was Alexia Eden and I hope all of you young adult fans of fantasy or supernatural go out and have a read. When I'm not working? I'm studying, writing or reading. I write supernatural as well as young adult based books. You can find me on Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter, Instagram as well as keep up to date with news of my books on my blog. Although my life is busy as ever, I will never complain or regret the path I've taken that directed me to where I am today. The lessons I've learnt and the people I've met along the way are my reasons for this. I work hard and write harder. Look me up sometime, even if it's just for a chat. I love receiving emails and reviews of my books so please email me and send me links of your reviews. I may not have responded to your emails but please note that I really do appreciate all of you who have taken the time to email me with words of encouragement and advice. Since I'm new to the Indie writing scene I still have a lot to learn. You can find me on Goodreads and my blog Please feel free to comment, I'm always available to chat. You can also follow me on twitter and even friend me on Facebook to keep up to date with release dates and upcoming works. If you just want to chat? Email me on Please note if you're looking for some sappy FairyTale Romance, my books are not for you. You can follow me on Goodreads too - and Twitter @A_SophieSummers

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Alexia Eden - Sophie Summers



Mom always told me that love conquers all. If you love someone with all your heart and with all that you have to give – no matter the problems you face as long as you were together it will be all right… She said that you know you’ve found your soul mate when it would hurt when they weren’t by your side and just being in their presence would soothe that ache.

I always thought it was just one of those silly things mothers would tell their daughters, similar to those quotes on the bottom of each page in a diary that are supposed to be inspirational but in fact leave you thinking what…the…fuck…

She also had those cheesy moments too however, when I was upset because the boys at the playground were being mean to me, she’d say Don’t worry my lil’ Lex, one day you’ll find your prince charming, just like I did when I found your daddy. Of course I wasn’t that naïve to actually believe in Fairytales and all the stories she would tell me about love as I grew older but I had hope, hope that one day I would find that person I would love so much that I would do anything and everything possible to be with them, that I would find my soul mate, my other half ...the person meant just for me…

My name is Alexia Charlie Eden, and yes my second name is Charlie. Mom thought she was having a baby boy, at least that’s what the doctor said, so imagine their surprise when I popped out. They decided to keep the name Charlie, because well that’s what they originally planned on calling me and the name Alexia was a tribute to Alexandria, the name of daddy’s younger sister who disappeared when she was sixteen.

Daddy says my mother and I look alike but I don’t see the resemblance at all. I’m pretty short at 5’3 and I wouldn’t say I’m skinny like mom either since I have more curves than the usual teenage girl. My mother also has brown hair but hers is pin straight where mine is more on the wild side and reaches my lower back, I guess I do get my petite body from her since she is a small woman.

My father and I have few similarities in our features; although my mother has brown eyes and my father has blue ones, mine are a mix between dark green and blue, so with my dark hair and pale skin they tend to stand out. I also have dad’s dimples and dark long eyelashes.

My mother was a typical housewife, always involved with anything to do in my life. She was my best friend and the person that even when I had a bad day at school I knew when I got home everything would be alright because mom was there sitting on her bed reading her sappy romance novels waiting for me to come home. She would always know when I was upset, she'd just open her arms wide and I’d go and cuddle beside her while she would whisper words of hope and encouragement.

Yes, I was a good girl who didn’t keep any secrets from her mother and that’s because there was nothing to keep from her, I would tell her everything – she was my best friend. She was supportive of me, always backed me up on anything I was involved with and she’d say that as long as I was happy she’d be happy.

Of course I was still a daddy’s girl, where my mother was a words type of woman my father was more of the do now, talk later type. Mom always had the right words to say at the right moment, but my father was a different story however… when I was younger many kids thought it was funny to pick on the short chubby kid.

I kept quiet about it for a little while because I was embarrassed about being picked on for my weight but when one kid tripped me and I went home crying, I told my father everything. My dad wasn’t someone with many words, he was the type that went to all the boys’ houses that bullied me demanding that their fathers make them apologize and if they don’t discipline their children - he would.

He was a big guy, being 6’6 feet tall and since he worked at the gym everyday he was big in the muscle department too, suffice to say that from that day onwards - I was never bullied again whenever I went to the playground.

My parents met in high school and it was the typical jock meets cheerleader, they get married have babies and live happily ever after - although not in that order and it didn’t exactly end that way.

Mom and dad were dating for about just over a year when mom found out she was pregnant with me, determined as she was, she completed school with only the support of my father at her side since their parents did not support the decision of mom keeping me. Straight after high school they got married and Dad started working full time at a small gym downtown to help mom while she was at college getting her Degree in Management.

Max’s Gym was my other home when mom was at school. Uncle Max, who owned the gym, was like my granddaddy; since he didn’t have any kids of his own he took dad under his wing. When Max passed away from Cancer, he left the gym to dad and with the help of mom's management degree they soon had turned the place around and gained many more clients. A few years later they opened another gym in the next town which also became as successful as the first.

At the age of fifteen I felt that my life was great, my friends were amazing, my parents were the perfect duo and we were all as happy as could be, seeing my parents work through all the hard times that life threw at them, they still overcame it all, it really made me truly believe that love could possibly conquer all…

Guess that was before daddy was killed in the car accident when an eighteen wheeler truck skipped the red light, before mom started taking prescription drugs to deal with the depression or before we were thrown out our home because we didn’t have money to pay for it since mom stopped looking after the Gyms and spent all the money on anything to take her mind off what was really happening.

Let’s just say that nobody told me what to do or what would happen when you lost that one person you loved so much, the person that you would do anything and everything to be with them, the one who was your soul mate, your other half... the person meant just for you…

Two years later and three months into my senior year, mom’s friend Amber, and a few hours South in a small town called Point Bright found mom a management job in the bar she works.

So here we are, on the road to our new home...


Guess whoever named this shit-hole "Point Bright" didn’t see what I was seeing.

Our new home, which turns out to be similar to any other trailer park is surrounded by a bunch of small houses. The houses are encircled by wooded area and forest.

The two years since dad’s death has been a nightmare, I thought it would get better...that mom would somehow see that I also lost someone, it felt as if I was alone that I did not only lose my father but my mother too.

As if the alcohol wasn’t enough, mom was prescribed pills to deal with the depression of losing my father, she obviously enjoyed the feeling she was getting when she used them because she started taking the drugs on a more regular basis, when the prescribed drugs lost the edge she craved she decided that something stronger was needed.

I don’t even know what she’s taking anymore - she’s moved on from alcohol, to taking pain killers to cocaine. I cringe at the memory of accidentally walking in on her in the bathroom while she was snorting it, she was too drugged up to even notice she left the door open and I was leaning against the frame watching her. She doesn’t even remember me throwing the shit down the toilet or the fit she threw when she realized her last fix for the day was gone. That didn’t stop her from going out and getting more though…

I’ve done everything - I’ve tried yelling and telling her how I need her but it always ends up the same way. Her telling me that she has nothing to live for and that I should just be happy that she’s still around.

Yeah… that hurt like a bitch, but I was done crying, I cried all I could the day I said goodbye to daddy at his funeral and it felt better when I cut off everything, when I blocked it all out – people say that you shouldn’t keep everything bottled up inside but I disagree.

I don’t let the hurtful things my mother says when she’s high get to me anymore and I don’t let the sadness creep in when I think about daddy…I can’t. I don’t feel much anymore therefore I don’t cry anymore, it all works out better this way. The day I begged my mother to stop with the drugs only to have her slap me and tell me to piss off was the last time I let my emotions show, I know deep down I am weak but that doesn’t mean I want others to see it.

I don’t know why she doesn’t see that she still has me to live for! Doesn’t she see that I’m still around? That I need her! She’s not the only one that lost him, I lost him too! I don’t know this person she has become, since she started with the drugs she’s been acting as if she’s my age, cussing and wearing slutty clothes that barely cover anything- she has the perfect body but she’s attracting attention from the wrong guys. I think she tries to see other guys just to forget about dad but nothing can compare to her prince charming, none of these low lives could ever live up to my father, why can’t she see this and stop wasting her time?

Lexi get your ass off the car and help unpack! she shouts from the front door of our new home.I’m on my way Georgina! Can you give me 5 minutes to stretch my legs! mother hates it when I call her by her first name, but I told her the morning after her first boyfriend came for a sleep over that if she wasn’t going to act like my mother then I wasn’t going to call her one.

Lexi! You seriously need to stop that shit! It’s really starting to piss me off. Fuck sakes give it a rest! Mom yells huffing and puffing as she walks toward the car to get another full bag.

Yeah yeah. I say jumping off the front of the car putting my IPod in my back pocket, I should probably help, not that we have much to move in but whatever right.

Walking into the house, first thing I notice is the shit green colour wall paper; I pray to all that’s Holy that this doesn’t cover all the walls. Walking through the open plan kitchen and lounge area I stride down the passage. I see two doors on my right and at the end of the passage is a door leading outside with another door to its left. Opening the first door I see the bathroom, Gross...holy shit! I mutter out loud looking at the state of the bathroom, I don’t have OCD or anything it’s just that I like my shit clean and organized.

I quickly shut that door and turn to the next one, I spot my soon to be room, moms already put my box of frames and ornaments on the bed. I sit down on the bed facing the big window that looks out into the open grass area that leads to the forest then look around my new room. It’s actually rather large, I have a double bed with two small white bedside tables on each side, obviously the furniture is worn and dusty but it’s perfect for me. There’s a chair seated in the corner near the window with a set of wooden drawers. I open the box and look at the frames of my friends and I.

Smiling to myself I think of the girl I use to be, I was so happy, innocent and so terribly naïve. I had lots of friends and my fair share of boyfriends, I tend to get along better with the boys than with the girls but that’s probably due to being brought up in a gym house surrounded by guys. My previous relationships with boys never lasted long and I suppose I never had a real connection with any of them but I was still friends with my exes after we broke up.

Besides... we always broke up on good terms and as I got older it was kinda always for the same reason, I wasn’t ready to give up my V card yet. I told them they should find girls that could make them happy and give them want they want and it wasn’t like I was in a serious relationship with any of them to begin with. Of course I was jealous when I would see them with other girls the day after we broke up but back then I was a different girl.

When I decided that it was easier to switch off my emotions, to withdraw from anything that was the girl I used to be before life threw me that huge curve-ball I lost friends, one by one, eventually sitting alone in the library during lunch reading fantasy books that would always end in happily ever after. I stopped dressing like a Barbie and started wearing darker clothes, I got my tongue, nose and belly pierced and the only person that I wanted to notice me or acknowledge me didn’t. Mom didn’t notice the changes most of the time – so I did one better and got a few tattoos to add to my canvas. Dam straight she noticed then!

It wasn’t that I was an emo, a punk or whatever you wanna call it, I just felt that the darker the clothes the more I would be able to hide in the shadows and not be noticed. In the beginning I held my two best friends close but they could never understand what I was going through or what I was dealing with at home and after I changed, they changed.

My focus was on school and achieving good enough grades so that I could get a full scholarship to college in order for me to get the hell out of here. Dad left me money but I would only be able to use it once I turned twenty one, so if I wanted to get into a good college I had to focus on getting a scholarship. I also tried to keep myself busy and focused so that my mind wouldn’t drift to the shit I was going through at home. I didn’t have time for boys, I didn’t want what my mother had, and I never wanted to go through losing someone you love and having to deal with the aftermath like she did. In order for me to avoid any future hurt I forced myself to stay away from anything and anyone that I could become emotionally attached to and ultimately never loving anyone other the only person I had left, my mother.

Still looking at a photo of my two best friends Annie, Jenny and I at the beach with our big sunnies on, I remember the polka dot pink and white bikini. I looked so happy in the photo, not a care in the world and even though we weren’t blood related, those two girls were my sisters. Little did I know that when I decided to change my appearance or focus on school, they would be the first ones to start rumors and pass comments about me to the entire High School. Just because I didn’t fit their high standards and wasn’t part of the Barbie Clique I was cast a misfit.

Well fuck you guys… I whisper as I throw the frame into the trash can near my drawers, I notice my mom leaning on the door frame looking at me.

Hey! What’s wrong with that photo? It’s one of my favorites, you looked so pretty. she says picking up the frame from the bin.

Yeah well, you can keep it I don’t want it, you can have these too if you want. I say handing all my other frames to her that holds photos of the happy girl I once was. She doesn’t say a word but shrugs and walks out my room with them.

After unpacking, cleaning my room and the bathroom to my standard – meaning spotless, I take a shower and get dressed. Walking back to my room I hear chatter in the kitchen so I head out to see who’s here.

Oh my! Georgie! This can’t be Lexi! she says looking at my mother and pointing to me.

She is gorgeous! You’ve grown up so much since the last time I saw you! A skinny lady with slightly yellow hair, I’m guessing it’s supposed to be blond, runs towards me and gives me a hug.

Not sure whether to take the part where she says "this can’t be" as a compliment or an insult, because I certainly don’t know what the fuck she meant. Shrugging her off of me and raising my brow as I internally say what the f…

Hun, it’s so nice to meet you, mom here has been telling me all about you, I can’t get over how beautiful you are. I’m Amber, your mom’s friend from back in the day. I’m so happy you guys are staying so close to me – I’m a few houses down, you have to meet my niece I’m sure you guys will get along since you’re both around the same age! She rambles on chattily as if I’m her long lost sister and pats my hand as she talks. She offers me some wine from the bottle that they both have been drinking from, but I decline – there has to be at least one responsible person in this damn house.

Georgina, have you seen my bag of clothes? I’m missing most of my shirts and jeans? I say after going to check the car if anything was left in there but she stops me shortly with her reply.

Oh honey that’s because I left them behind, you need to stop wearing those crappy clothes, you can wear some of mine since we’re about the same size and as soon as I get paid we can go shopping and get you some new clothes that AREN’T black! she says this with a wave of the hand as if it’s no big deal which has me internally screaming and I’m pretty sure if this was a cartoon steam would be coming from my ears around about now but I close my eyes , roll my shoulders and take a deep breath, letting the anger fade but I can feel her watching me, waiting for an outburst and if I stand here one more minute in her presence I’ll give her exactly that.

Seriously whatever, I don’t even have the energy to fucking argue with you right now, I need some fresh air ... I say walking off putting my flip flops on as I go. Wandering off the patio in the back I hear Amber yelling after me.

Don’t go too far hun, it’s not safe in those woods at this time of night and don’t go up the hill near the log cabins, those folks aren’t fond of people on their land… she carries on mumbling, but I’m just not interested in anything anyone has to say right now. I just need to get away from Georgina and get some space to breathe.

Walking behind our trailer, all I see is the forest and trees, I don’t know what makes me do it but I really don’t care. I need to get away for a little bit. Trailing a distinct path, I hear what sounds like water flowing, I follow the sound and come to a small waterfall in the middle of the forest.


Walking to the big rock near the water, I lie down with my knees up and my arms folded under my head looking at the sky scattered with stars above me, the full moon looks beautiful tonight. Lounging in the ambience and peacefulness of the quiet night I begin to think whether this solitude I find myself hiding in is something I still really want. Pushing people away is far more harder and lonelier than I ever thought it could be, I know this path I’m leading can only bring more unhappiness and even though becoming emotionally distant with everyone besides my mother was a good idea at the time, I’m not sure how long I can deal with being alone since the only person I want to notice me doesn’t acknowledge me and I don’t know if my mother ever will again especially when I’m a constant reminder of what she lost.

It’s quiet out here, all you can hear is the trickling of water and the wildlife surrounding me in the dark night. Usually I’d prefer having earphones in my ears with blaring music just so I can’t hear my thoughts… but this, I actually enjoy this silence. It’s peaceful out here in the dark, the only light coming from the full moon above me.

Thinking to myself about my father, I let out a sad sigh.

Daddy, why did you have to leave us? I don’t think I can do this on my own… I say out aloud as if he could possibly answer me.

After what seems close to a few minutes looking at my phone, I realize I’ve been here for over two hours. Suddenly all my thoughts fizzle away when I hear movement in the bushes. I freeze then quickly sit up, looking around I see the bushes move. Jumping off the rock, I hide behind the big boulder. Holding my breath, scared shitless for what’s about to come out of them. Peeking over the side of the rock trying to see what’s out there, just enough for one eye to look because I’m afraid of being noticed by whatever or whoever is out here.

Out of nowhere I see a huge dog, its brown or dark brown – I can’t really tell since the moon is only so bright. It lifts its head up as if to smell the air, oh shit, can it smell me? Oh gosh, it probably can! I quickly sit back behind the rock with my knees to my chest, my arms crossed over them and my head down. My hair falling down to cover the open gaps, it’s the only shield I have at the moment to protect me from seeing anything. I hear the sound of the animal walking on the leaves and branches, the snapping and crunching of leaves beneath its paw gets louder and it’s coming closer to the where I am.

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, what am I going to do! I squeeze my eyes shut, my heart is beating so fast it hurts; I’m scared to breathe in case it sees the movement.

All of a sudden I feel something on my hair, my whole body tenses as it touches my hair again but this time I can hear it breathing, the animal’s snout is right by my ear. I think its smelling me, it pulls away but this time licks my forearm that’s holding my knees together tightly.

The animal moves away, I hear movement and leaves cracking, so slowly I lift my eyes, peeking through the hair that’s fallen on my face. I see the big brown dog sitting on the ground in front of me just staring down at me, he nudges my leg with his snout and I grasp, I lift my head up fully and move the hair that’s fallen on my face behind my ear so I can look at the dog properly.

He’s absolutely beautiful, he’s huge though, looking up to the dogs face – I see beautiful hazel eyes just staring at me. Slowly I lift my trembling hand and raise it to the dogs face; I want to touch its fur it looks so shiny. The dog’s head meets my hand as if to tell me "it’s okay, I won’t bite" giving me the encouragement I need I gently stroke the dog’s head, lifting myself off the ground I sit up on my knees. Although it still towers over me, I get a better look at him, not sure if it’s a girl or boy – I get the feeling it’s a male.

Now standing on my feet, I stroke its back which reaches just above my waist. I scratch its head and he licks the side of my face, I giggle and wipe my face with the back of my hand. You’re quite a cutie aren’t you? shaking my head when I find myself talking to the dog.

The dog drops to the ground and lies on its back, with his paws in the air, mouth open and tongue hanging out the side, I start laughing at what he’s doing then bend down to pat the dog’s chest.

My phone starts vibrating in my pocket, seeing that its Georgina calling; I quickly give the dog one last pat.

Sorry buddy I gotta go back home now.

Dusting myself off, I start walking back through the way I came noticing the dog still at my side walking beside me. He follows me all the way to where the forest stops then he sits and watches me as I make my way to my back door, I go inside and look through the window on the side to see the dog slowly withdrawing back into the woods. Smiling at the thought of what I just discovered and how the animal made me laugh. It was the closest I’ve been to feeling happy in a long time and it was a damn animal that managed to break through my barrier the first night here in this new little town.

I quickly swallow down that little spark of happiness when I hear laughter coming from the kitchen. I walk to the fridge and get out a soda sitting on the chair at the island thinking about the big dog I saw – I forget that my mom and Amber are still laughing and chatting away until they become silent. I find them staring at me with stupid expressions on their faces.

I was wondering when you were coming back, you look as if you saw a ghost Hun, what’s wrong? Why are your pants so dirty? My -at this point tipsy- mother says.

Nothing’s wrong, umm… Amber? Did you know there’s a small waterfall down in the wooded area out back? I say looking now focusing my attention on Amber.

Amber goes tense and seems completely sober now. Lexi you shouldn’t go out there in those woods, it’s near those people I told you about and it’s not safe for a girl like you.

I found this big dog, it was pretty cool, he came outta nowhere, I was scared at first but he was so friendly. I’m guessing it was a boy, I just… I burst out rambling excited about the dog in the woods but I’m quickly interrupted by my mother.

Alexia it wasn’t a dog, those are wolves! You need to stay away from them! Stay outta those woods too, no good can come from you going in there!

Okay mother. I say with my head down then head back toward my room as my excitement fades, too tired from the long drive and the day I’ve had to argue with this woman. I turn to see my mother and Amber whispering but they both stop when they see me looking. Shaking my head, whatever…


It’s been a few days now, I’ve been keeping myself busy, cleaning the house and even the garden outside our trailer while moms been at work. Despite my mother warning me to stay away for the woods I’ve snuck out every night to go to the waterfall and every single time I was there, the brown wolf was there too. He would lie next to me with his head on my lap while I scratched his head and told him stories about my parents and about when I was younger. I knew it wasn’t safe out in the woods but I felt drawn to the wolf and I was able to tell him all the things I’ve kept in for so long, I knew as long as he was there I was safe. I didn’t feel so alone anymore, even if I was talking to a damn dog, that damn dog was the only thing that was able to break through my walls and make me feel happy again, it gave me hope that maybe I would be okay after all. Maybe I could get through this. I wasn’t sure if this happiness would last but I knew for sure that I was going to cherish that damn dog and keep it close until my happiness ran its course, however long that might be.

Sitting on the bench on the patio, drinking from my water bottle I see mom’s car pull up and out jumps her and Amber laughing and hanging on each other as if they were teenage girls.

Get ready hun, we’re going out tonight and you’re coming with us, you need to get out of this house and have some fun! Amber says running up to me dragging me behind toward mom’s room. I follow, not really sure what to say – obviously I want to get out of this house but not sure if I want to go anywhere with those two nuts.

Hmmm what should you wear? Mom says as she looks through the clothes in her closet tapping her long red nails against the closet door.

Ooh what about this Lex? And you can wear those black boots of yours, the ones that go just above your ankles? She says as she holds up a pair of skinny jeans with a black and gold vest, it’s actually something I would wear.

Or…. She drags on, pulling out this little leopard print dress. You could wear this? she says smirking at me.

Nope that’s okay this will do, thanks. I say snatching the jeans and vest scurrying away as her an Amber laugh at my response.

Moments like this remind me of how much I miss my mom, the sober one, not Georgina. I’m actually excited to spend time with her, I haven’t spent time with her for a while but since she seems as if she’s in a good mood tonight, I have a feeling that I could actually be able to enjoy myself and act my age for once.

After getting out the shower and dressing up, I blow-dry my hair and straighten it so it’s sleek, smooth and bearable. I decide on a smoky eye and some pink blush on my cheeks with pink lip gloss. My leather jacket fits well with the outfit I’m wearing and I give myself a last look in the mirror before heading out the door. Walking out the room I see mom and Amber collect their bags and head out telling me how good I look. I blush and mutter a quiet thanks.

They tell me that we’re just going down town to the bar they both work at so that I can meet some of their friends. The bar looks just like any other pub & grill, there’s a small stage up front and center with a couple tables and chairs all around the floor, some corner booths and chairs along the sides with some families obviously having their dinner, the walls are covered in photos and old records and even some instruments on display. Pulling me from my thoughts is Amber’s squeaky voice by the bar; mom grabs my arm pulling me in Amber’s direction. I’m introduced to what’s seems to be all the staff at Milo’s Bar. I sit there chatting all while sipping on my soda keeping an eye on mom.

She puts down a tray of shots on the table as I glance around the bar, looking around my eyes land on a table full of kids around my age, there’s five of them. My eyes are immediately on the girl that stands out. She’s wearing heavy eye liner and mascara with dark lipstick on. She also has a couple facial piercings and unlike my small nose stud she has a proper ring. Her arm is around another girl who seems to be Asian, they must be a couple I think to myself as I look at the intimate way they’re looking and talking to each other. The other side of the table is a girl and guy, the girl has blond shoulder length hair and she’s chatting and laughing with the guy next to her who has curly brown hair and a baby face.

Looking at the other side of the table my eyes catch the guy that is sitting with the two couples, he is staring directly at me with a smirk on his face that tells me he’s obviously just caught me scoping out his friends. He nods his head as if to say hi, I do the same and feel my cheeks heating up at the way he’s looking at me, he’s gorgeous and should definitely not be looking at plain old me like that.

He has messy blond hair and his skin is tanned compared to my pale reflection, he has a perfect face with high cheek bones and what looks to be green eyes but I’m not that close so I can’t get a good look.

I stop myself from staring at him, I need to stop drawing any more attention from him, attention I don’t want – even if it did feel good for a moment to have someone look at me the way he did. I remind myself that we’re probably not going to stay in town long; mom says that this time will be different and she’s going to change. Yeah right... not going to get my hopes up. Even though I thought I would try letting those walls down, I’m not going to get attached to anyone, this way is better, this way I can deal.

Luckily mom grabs my attention from the good looking guy by handing me a shot.

C’mon honey just one shot, then you can go back to your soda and continue ogling that fine piece in the corner. She says loud enough for our entire table to hear then winks at me.

Georgina! Shh… oh my gosh! I say dropping my head down trying to hide my embarrassment. I can feel the blond boy’s eyes on me from across the room and I pray that he didn’t hear what she said.

Oh C’mon babe, just have a shot with us old ladies! Amber says pushing the glass my way. It will be our little secret.

Okay … let’s do this, but no more after this one! Someone has to be sober enough to drive your drunken ass’s home. I down the shot and tap it on the table. Wow, that’s delish! What was that? I say looking at Amber.

That my dear was a shot of caramel vodka. I thought you’d enjoy it, I know how much you love caramel. Mom says as she drunkenly wobbles to my side with her arm over my shoulder. I sit her down on the chair and ask one of the passing waitresses for a glass of water.

"Mom, how much have

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  • (4/5)
    Great content, dealing with a lot of issues you don't normally see with incredible introspection from multiple angles. However, the grammatical and publishing errors are immense and occur frequently as well as the writing style is a bit difficult to get used to. well worth the read still in the end. definitely continuing on to the second book even though I feel as though my mind is ripped into shreds and my heart is shattered all over. I have no idea how to feel and that in itself states that this book is a fresh outlook on a love triangle stereotype. very well done!
  • (5/5)
    Loved Had Me So Hooked , Stayed Up All Night To Read The First an second boom of This Series .. Can't Wait For The Third !??